Book Review: Saving Meghan by DJ Palmer

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Book Review: Saving Meghan by DJ Palmer
Title: Saving Meghan
Author: D.J. Palmer
Published by St. Martin's Press
Date Published: 9 April, 2019
Pages: 384
Genres: Psychological Thriller
Format: Print ARC
Source: St. Martin's Press
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Can you love someone to death?

Some would say Becky Gerard is a devoted mother and would do anything for her only child. Others claim she's obsessed and can't stop the vicious circle of finding a cure at her daughter's expense.

Fifteen-year-old Meghan has been in and out of hospitals with a plague of unexplained illnesses. But when the ailments take a sharp turn, doctors intervene and immediately suspect Munchausen syndrome by proxy, a rare behavioral disorder where the primary caretaker, typically the mother, seeks medical help for made-up symptoms of a child. Is this what's going on? Or is there something even more sinister at hand?

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the Author/St. Martin's Press and was under no obligation to post a review, positive or negative.

DJ Palmer. Wow. What an author. That’s how I’ll start this review off. Saying what an author DJ Palmer is. He has an incredibly raw talent for writing a book that will leave you guessing the entire way through the book, turning the pages long into the night, seeing what happens at the end of the book, because if you don’t, it will haunt you while you’re away from the book.

That brings me to this. I have two kids. I’m a mom who has said “I love my kids to death”, but I don’t mean literally. I am a mom who would do anything for her children, but I don’t know that I would harm them for attention. I just can’t do that. That said, I know that Becky has the same maternal instincts that I do.

Becky and Meghan’s story was an incredibly gripping, chilling, mind clustering novel. I would think in one chapter I was Team #BelieveBecky, then in another I was Team #ProtectMeghan, and then in another chapter, I became Team #WhatTheHeckIsGoingOnAndWhoIsActuallyInTheWrongHere. Yep. It was that incredible high of trying to figure it out.

So, when I was fully aware that I had it figured out about what was truly happening to Meghan and why it was happening, Palmer came in and threw me against a wall with the final twist at the end of the book. I mean seriously. Breath-knocked-out-of-me amazing.

My final thoughts on this book is that you do not want to miss it. It’s a 5 thousand star worthy novel, it’s compelling, it’s gripping, it’s emotional, it’s fan-friggin-tabulous until the end. Palmer’s Saving Meghan will be a book that will forever be on my keeper shelf and I can’t wait to see the next mind clustering novel that this incredibly talented author has in store for his new fans.

About D.J. Palmer

DANIEL PALMER is the author of ten critically-acclaimed suspense novels. He is also an occasional short story writer, with THE DEAD CLUB in the ITW anthology, First Thrills, and DISFIGURED, found in Thriller: Stories to Keep You Up At Night.

Though he always had a passion for storytelling, writing wasn’t Daniel Palmer’s first foray into the entertainment industry. In fact, Daniel considers himself an accidental novelist who first began his career as a musician. He spent several years performing in the Boston club scene and released two CDs. Music allowed an outlet for storytelling that has translated into his writing.

Another successful endeavor of Daniel’s has been technology and e-commerce, which coincided with the dot-com boom and led to Daniel helping pioneer the first generation of web sites, most notably Barnes & Noble. The impact of the internet and social media on ordinary lives gave Daniel the basis for his writing, first with DELIRIOUS and most recently, with STOLEN. With tech-centric themes, Daniel’s novels focus on ordinary men pitted against extraordinary circumstances.

Daniel is actively involved with the Red Sox Home Base program, helping to raise money for veterans suffering from PTSD. Daniel holds a Master’s degree from Boston University and currently lives in New Hampshire with his wife and two children.

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