Fun Amish Interview with Laura and Allen from Room On The Porch Swing by Amy Clipston + Giveaway!

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Hey y’all! Join me in welcoming Laura and Allen, the main characters from Amy Clipston’s Room On The Porch Swing, to Cafinated Reads! I’m so pleased when I get the chance to spotlight an interview with the characters! Let’s get started, shall we?

Welcome to the blog, Laura and Allen!

Allen, what made you jump at Laura’s offer to help with Mollie?

Since Laura and Cindy frequently visited Savilla and Mollie, I knew Mollie would feel comfortable with Laura. I trusted Laura to take good care of Mollie.

Laura, did you find it a challenge to fall in love with your best friend’s husband?

I really wasn’t expecting to fall in love with Allen, and I felt guilty when I realized that I had feelings for him. I felt like I was betraying Savilla’s memory. But, thanks to Florence, I soon realized that God chooses the person we’re supposed to spend the rest of our life with. I’m so grateful that Florence made me realize my feelings for Allen weren’t a sin.

Allen, What special memories does the porch swing bring to mind?

The porch swing makes me think of when Laura and I first got to really know each other. We spent our time on the porch swing sharing our most private thoughts. That was where our friendship grew and we realized we shared a deep connection.

Laura, How do you keep the memory of Savilla alive for Mollie while still letting her know that you are proud and honored to be in her life?

I tell Mollie stories about Savilla every day. When I rock her at night, I tell her about how Savilla loved her before she was born and when she held Mollie in her arms. I also tell her stories about when Savilla and I were children. I’ll always remind Mollie how much her mother loved her and then also tell her that I love her with my whole heart and will always do my best to be a good mother to her.

Allen, How come you didn’t tell Laura sooner about your feelings?

I didn’t want to scare her away. I also was struggling with guilt for falling in love so soon after I’d lost Savilla. Through prayer, I realized that God blessed my feelings for Laura. Then I had to help Laura realize our feelings weren’t sinful.

Laura you vowed to have everyday count, what did you do specifically to see the day differently?

I make a point tell my family members that I love them every day. I also take a moment to take in God’s beautiful creation – the flowers, the sunset, the birds, and all of the beauty he brings into our lives. I also make a point to pray often and thank God for my family.

Allen, do you still and will you always have room for Laura on The Porch Swing?

Of course! She’ll always have room on my porch swing and in my heart.

Wonderful interview! Thank you for stopping, Laura and Allen!

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4 responses to “Fun Amish Interview with Laura and Allen from Room On The Porch Swing by Amy Clipston + Giveaway!

  1. Loved the first book, really want to read this one!! Thanks for the fun character interview &giveaway chance!!

  2. Kay Garrett

    Love Amy Clipston’s book and would love the opportunity to read “Room on the Porch Swing’. Enjoyed reading the interview with Laura and Allen. They sounds like an amazing and loving couple of people that reading about would be a great joy.
    2clowns at arkansas dot net

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