New Policies Taking Place

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Hi there!

This is not my normal review posting. Nope. Not at all. It’s letting you know what’s happening in coming days around the blogosphere.

On May 25, 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR for short, takes effect. What does this mean? It is put into place for YOUR (and mine!) safety. It means that when you subscribe to my blog, I can’t, in turn, take your information like name and email, and sell it for profit to a third party company that will then in turn spam you like crazy. I mean,seriously? That’s for the crazies!

I do not do that here at Cafinated Reads. Here at CR, I use your information in one way(well, technically two ways but they are the same thing): email notifications of the postings on this blog(i.e. reviews, giveaway notifications, winners(thus the second way!) of said giveaways, etc.). Your info is completely safe with me, but it is also completely up to you if you stay subscribed. There will be no hard feelings if you unsubscribe by clicking at the bottom of the emails.

That said, I hope that you stay a subscriber to this blog! I have lots of fun giveaways coming up for the summer as I’m purging my bookshelves. You won’t want to miss them! There will also be an amazing giveaway coming soon for the DVD of I Can Only Imagine! You do not want to miss that one!

So, that concludes this post. I hope to still see you as a subscriber, as I love and value you all! Thank you for being a loyal part of Cafinated Reads and I can’t wait to keep you posted on some great upcoming releases!


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