Review: The Assignment by Devon Blanton

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Title: The Assignment
Publisher: self-published
Publish Date: August 9,2017
ISBN: 978-1974430772
Source: Publisher
Pages: 144
Rating: 4 Stars
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About The Book

The ASSIGNMENT is a book that was inspired by constant questions from people who simply wanted to know, what life is all about? The desire to find purpose and significance is a staggering need for the modern church of today. People who find it truly know peace. Those who do not, can search a lifetime and never know that the answer is right in front of them. Inside these pages are unique perspectives that are expected to trigger those “ah ha!” moments for every reader. Truly, this could be the “GAME CHANGER” that effects you for the rest of your life!

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My Thoughts
I’m not one that normally reads books like this, but I was introduced to this author by someone I trust wholly and thought to myself, “why not?”. What could it hurt. I would either like it or not. Simple. The honest answer about the book??? Where has it been all my life?

As a person who has been through life and dealth with struggles, losses, drugs, and other issues, I’ve always wondered what my purpose in life was. I still often question that, despite having my two sons, my amazing husband, my wonderful dad. What is my purpose? Where do I belong? How do I get through life? Reading The Assigment, seeing the coordinating studies that follow, this quick read helps to answer those questions and so much more.

When reading a book like this, I don’t often give them more than 3 stars, because I don’t get lost among the pages or captivated by them. But, Mr. Blanton has an intriguing talent, a interesting, motivating way of creating a book that will hook most anyone, make them think and keep them turning the pages. This is 4 stars worthy and I am looking for more from this author. He really gets the mind thinking and helps to make life a little easier to understand when you’re full of questions. Well done, Mr. Blanton!

*I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher and was under no obligation to post a review, positive or negative.*

About The Author

Dr. Devon Blanton is a pastor conducting a full time ministry along with a very busy Christian Counseling practice. He holds an earned Doctorate in Religious Education, specializing in Counseling. He is certified in Family and Marriage, Grief and Drug Abuse and Health and Nutrition. He is also a Certified Health Coach. His post-doctoral pursuits include an earned diploma in Psychiatric Studies. He also completed brief studies in Cardiology and Resuscitation from Perelman School of Medicine, Penn State University. He further expanded His studies in nutrition from Texas A&M, Vanderbilt University and Stanford University. This all coincides with his four pillar philosophy on Counseling. These focus on the Physical, Spiritual, Emotional and Financial parts of who we are. He is also the Founder of Cross Anchors Solutions, a high level training program out of Durham, NC providing training in Leadership Development, Biblical Counseling I, II, Advanced Biblical Counseling and Health and Nutrition. He has authored several books including: The ASSIGNMENT Holes in the Soul Shake the Heavens, Move the Earth Health is the Best Medicine Raising God.




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