It’s FINALLY Finished!!!

Posted 16 March, 2018 by Molly(Cover To Cover Cafe) in Molly's Musings / 10 Comments

First, I’d like to say thank you to all who have beared with me. From about September until 2 weeks ago, I was sick. Very, very sick.Them my grandma suddenly passed away in November and I suffered from that lost. When I was sick, my old doc ran testing and was all blaze about the results and never really did anything. We thought it was gallbladder. It wasn’t. Turns out from the end of September until I was in the ER, TWICE, at the beginning of February, I had a slowly worsening UTI to the point of not eating, pain, and feeling like I was about to meet my maker. Constantly nauseous. All of it. It mimicked a Gallbladder attack daily. It has affected my kidney function,even. But, I am all better now and I’m back with fun and exciting new things for Cafinated Reads! Turns out, when you’re too sick to read and review, you have a lot of time to think about changes!

So, for sometime now, since 2009 really, I’ve changed my blog. I was originally Christian fiction/clean fiction only, then, sadly, my mother passed away in 2014. At that time, I made a BIG change. I went secular. I was reviewing books that, well, basically would make the Lord blush in embarrassment, for sure. But, then after a year and half of that, I picked up the book that made me fall in love with Christian fiction all over again and made me repent with the Lord. After that happened, I changed my blog theme around and had some headers/themes created to match.

Now, I’ve FINALLY got it the way I envisioned it all along. I created my clean, simple, Christian, Country theme with the help of a few blogging friends (Kristin from A Simply Enchanted Life and Carrie from Reading Is My Super Power!) and of course my sweet, amazing sissy, Mary from The Mary Reader. I found a designer who knew just what I wanted. She added the most important part to my header: More Jesus. That’s what I need. That’s what this world needs. More of Him. There is still a minor tweak or two with some coding issues but that should iron itself out soon.

My old look felt cluttered, felt overflowing, felt off. Not anymore. I have one sidebar, nice posts, a beautiful theme, because after all. I was country when country wasn’t cool! Oh, admit it. You just sang that in your head. I know I did!

I told you there were BIG changes and this is it! I am finally, and God is too, pleased with the look of my blog and all that I will be reviewing in the coming months.

Tell me….what are YOUR thoughts on this new blog look/change?

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10 responses to “It’s FINALLY Finished!!!

  1. Andi

    It looks really nice, Molly! It took me a long time to find my nitch for my blog and I love it. Love yours and you! – Andi

  2. Tiffany Hall

    It looks great! Glad the Lord has touched your body and you are doing much better! I look forward to seeing your reviews and posts on this new blog page!

    • I’m so glad to be feeling better, too! I’m also excited for people to see the upcoming things I have for my blog!

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