Why “Cafinated Reads”?

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Hi there and Happy New Year! 

It’s been quite awhile since I shared just a personal type post, but in the month of December and now in January, I’ve been having some issues with my blog name being singled out. It’s been brought to my attention that the spelling of ‘Cafinated’ may not be liked by some people. So, this post is to explain it. 

It has not been my intention to make anyone feel as though I don’t know how to spell, or use proper grammar, or anything of that sort. I know how to spell ‘caffeinated’ properly. However, I’ve always been told by friends and family that I am unique. So, when I chose to rebrand myself after my mother passed away and I started reviewing Christian Fiction again, I researched book blogs on the internet and found that there were a few that used the proper spelling of ‘caffeinated’, like Caffeinated Reviewer and, at the time, The Caffeinated Reader , just to name a couple. My mother was my best friend, and when I first started my blog in 2009, she helped me create my first brand, Book Reviews By Buuklvr81. Then, after I reviewed for awhile, decided to switch from Blogger to WordPress, I chose to rebrand. My mama told me to just be myself. So, I rebranded as Reviews By Molly. 

Shortly before she passed away, we would joke about all the coffee/tea I loved. Always had to have a cup of coffee/tea with my when I was reading. I told her someday, I should incorporate that into my blog. She just chuckled and went about reading her Love Inspired Suspense novels she loved so much. After she passed away, I revamped my blog one final time. I researched the net for names that were already taken. I thought for days and days, and I kept coming back to Caffeinated Reads. But, I knew deep down, I didn’t want it to be spelled the normal way. I wanted something unique, like me :-). I did like my mama used to do, and that was write out the different ways it COULD have been spelled. ‘Cafinated’ kept sticking out the most to me. I kept feeling a nudge to use it. When there were no other blogs using that spelling, ‘Cafinated Reads’ was branded. 

Now, supposedly people don’t like the way it’s spelled. However, until recently, no one has ever told me that. I am very sorry if you, indeed, do not like the way it is spelled, but I like to think that my mama loves it and I will proudly use this name on my blog. Publishers and authors seem pleased with my reviews, so why should my blog name be the problem, especially now, after nearly 9 years of blogging and helping authors? 

So, in a nutshell, ‘Cafinated Reads’ is as unique as me. It’s a blog dedicated to reviewing books that the Lord calls me to review for the authors and publishers. It’s a blog that is like my third child. My son’s name is Jakob, spelled with a K. Is that wrong that his name is spelled like instead of a C? Does that mean he won’t get a job because it’s not the proper spelling? I don’t think so. In fact, Jakob spelled with a K is actually the Biblical spelling and perfectly fine. So, why can’t my blog be the same? 

With all that said, if it is truly a horrible name/spelling for my blog, please be honest and leave me a comment. It would be a hassle, but I could change it. Rebrand. Create something new. I just want all my authors and publishers and blogging friends to be happy with my calling from the Lord and enjoy coming to my blog and seeing my reviews/posts. 


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8 responses to “Why “Cafinated Reads”?

  1. I don’t see anything wrong with your blog name or spelling because I think it highlights your individuality. Being true to your personality is more important than appeasing critics. I enjoy your reviews and, if your TBR list ever gets short enough to take on a new book and review, I would be honored to send you a copy of my indie novel for review.


  2. Good for you, Molly!!! Let your unique personality shine forth! (Though I do have to say, Reviews by Molly, was super cute.) I hope things begin to work out better for you.

  3. Paula S.

    Molly! You are you, unique, created by God and you seem to be willing to be led by Him. Stay with the present name! We all love our tea and coffee! Blessings!

  4. MH

    Thank you for sharing your story with us. You should absolutely name your blog the way you see fit, especially since it holds a special meaning for you. The uniqueness our Lord gives each of us is a gift that we can learn to appreciate and treasure.

  5. I am sorry to learn that you have been given grief over this. Anyone who reads your blog knows you can spell and write. I see no reason to pay attention to those with nothing better to do than offer unasked for criticism of someone else’s blog title. I always assumed your title was spelled intentionally as a way to stand out. I think the connection to your mom’s memory is beautiful. You can never make everyone happy. I say, you do you and let those with an axe to grind handle their own issues.

  6. Jayne

    I love your honesty. No need for justification as to why you chose the spelling of your name. In this day a lot of names are already taken and modifications need to be made to even get close to the desired name your looking for. Your name is you and I’m glad to be part of the group that supports you❤️

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