Sunday Funday: It’s The Important Things In Life

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Welcome back to Sunday Funday! This edition of the Funday is about the most important things in my life. Not people like friends and family, or books and the Bible, or my 4 furbabies. Those are already at the top of my list of importance right below our loving God. Today it’s about what else I feel is important in my life.

The first of the five most important things, is my job. My job is something that I take seriously and enjoy doing it. Without it, I wouldn’t be able to help provide for my kiddos and our furbabies. I truly enjoy being a CNA and it brings me great joy to see the smile on my client’s face when I show up to take care of her.

Second, my Wizard of Oz collection. I know, it’s a silly thing to be important in my life, but it is. My mama and I shared a love of the movie and eventually I fell in love with ALL things Oz, thus my collection. It started with the collector’s edition magazine and went on from there. It is our mutual love of Oz that had me starting this collection, and I think if she was still here she would be very proud of it!

Third, my Sunshine Care Bear stuffed animal. It is 36 years old and I cherish it. It’s not the actual Sunshine Care Bear as we remember it from the Care Bears, but it says on it, “You Are My Sunshine”. The year I was born, my grandparents came down to help my mom when I was just 3 days old, since my dad had to get back to work (he was in the Navy), and when they did, my grandfather brought me my first stuffed animal. I still have it and still cherish it. In fact, when visiting my grandparents in Pennsylvania one year, I had accidentally left it there, and my grandpa knew it’s something I would want to have in Virginia with me so he drove until he caught up with us (just about 8 miles away) to give it to me. There was no cell phones during those days so he couldn’t call and ask us to come back. He chanced it and I’m glad he did for I would have been sad getting home and not having it. He passed away 7 years ago, and I am still thankful to have that as it’s my reminder of him and his love for me.

Fourth, my blog. It’s my other baby so I take pride in it. I have had it up and running since August 2009. I went through a few different names of the blog (you may or may not remember it as first Book Reviews By Buuklvr81 and then Reviews By Molly) before I found the perfect one, for my love of caffeinated drinks like tea and coffee. I love the look of it thanks to Parajunkee Designs, the feel of it, and the way the publishers will compliment me on it, as it shows me that it’s catching the eyes of the important people! My blog is my second escape from reality and I love playing around on it.

And the final most important thing to me (without being able to talk about books and my family, this is harder than I thought!) is, coffee! I can not possible leave out coffee being the most important thing in my life. It is absolutely important to me to have that caffeine from the wonderful taste of coffee. Coffee is so important, in fact, that one of my lovely author friends and I created a coffee jingle together and call it Ode To Coffee. It is a catchy little jingle and we will patent it someday and make millions upon millions of dollars! Well, one can dream,can’t they?

So, those are some of the most important things in my life, outside of the ones that mean even more to me than these. It was definitely hard picking out what was most important to me! I hope you enjoy these little Sunday Funday posts and I have fun being a part of them. Tell me what are some of the most important things in YOUR life outside of your family, books and the Bible?

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4 responses to “Sunday Funday: It’s The Important Things In Life

  1. Andi

    I didn’t know your dad was in the Navy too. No wonder we get along so well. πŸ™‚
    I love your list, and being able to get to know you better. <3

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