#FirstLineFridays: Innocent Until Proven Quilty by Donna Kelly

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Welcome to First Line Fridays. What is First Line Fridays?? It’s where we share the first line only of a book we are currently reading, or one that is on our shelves. So today my First Line Friday will be from Innocent Until Proven Quilty by Donna Kelly. 

Here is the first line: 
Emma Cotton stood before the majesty of the Eiffel Tower, marveling at the workmanship required to chisel a replica of the French landmark out of a huge block of ice right in the town square of cozy Mystic Harbor, Massachusetts. 

Really intriguing if you ask me!! Here’s more about the book:

Innocent Until Proven Quilty by Donna Kelly
Published: January 2014

Beantown is the backdrop when Emma Cotton and Kelly Grace, the owners of Cotton & Grace quilt design shop in Mystic Harbor, Mass., take on the next suspect who may have been involved in the death of their friend Rose. Vanessa Nelson, now an assistant curator at a prestigious Boston art museum, was one of the last to see Rose alive. Now Vanessa is in trouble with the museum, accused of stealing an exquisite painting and dismissed from her position. She seems like the kind of person accustomed to living on the wrong side of the law. Could she be both a thief and a murderer? Emma and Kelly must go undercover at the museum, hoping to find a link between the theft of a priceless work of art and an unsolved death fifteen years ago. Meanwhile, Emma finds herself in the crosshairs of a conspiracy between her aunt, Dottie Faye Sinclair, and Kelly’s mother, Maeve Quigley, who want to “help” Emma gain the attention of Eric Hart, the handsome doctor Dottie Faye believes is Emma’s soul mate. Thanks to Vanessa Nelson’s underhanded scheming, Emma and Kelly must get to the bottom of the museum heist before they can move forward in their quest to discover the true identity of Rose’s killer. Will that journey once again throw their lives into mortal peril?

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11 responses to “#FirstLineFridays: Innocent Until Proven Quilty by Donna Kelly

  1. That looks like a fun read!

    On my blog I’m featuring a Christian historical fiction trilogy by Alicia Ruggieri. But here I’ll share a non-fiction that I’m reading: “Nearly ten years have passed since the close of the civil war in America, and yet no satisfactory history thereof is accessible to the public; nor should any be attempted until the Government has published, and placed within the reach of students, the abundant materials that are buried in the War Department at Washington.” (Memoirs of William T. Sherman)

  2. Love the cover!

    My first line is:
    “A private plane sits on a runway in Martha’s Vineyard, forward stairs deployed.” ~ Before the Fall by Noah Hawley.
    I can’t wait to start this book. I’ve heard it’s good.
    Dinh@Arlene’s Book Club

  3. Becky Smith

    Sounds interesting! Happy Friday! My first line is from Finding Love on the Oregon Coast by Angela Ruth Strong, a collection of 4 novella by different authors which will be released July 1st: “Christina gazed out the window at the balcony decorated for her wedding ceremony above the sparkling Columbia River in Portland, Oregon, before turning to face the full-length mirror.”

  4. Today on my blog I’m sharing a line from Lori Benton’s book “A Flight of Arrows”.

    I thought I’d share something different in the comment, an old favorite of mine.
    “From the old and pleasantly situated village of Mayenfeld, a foot-path winds through green and shady meadows to the foot of the mountains, which on this side look down from their stern and lofty heights upon the valley below.” HEIDI by: Johanna Spyri

  5. I just finished a memoir (?) FAITH TRANSPLANTED by Ray Jones to prepare for the author Q&A I’m hosting at the book’s launch party this evening. (YAY!) Told with humor covered by faith, this is Ray’s story from illness to transplant list to recovery. “Some days when I first wake up, for a brief moment, I forget what has occurred.”

  6. On the blog today I am sharing the first line from Melody Carlson’s ‘Under a Summer Sky’ so I thought I would share the first line from the book I am currently reading:

    “The man relaxed in the wooden Adirondack chair in the screened-in porch of his cabin rental and stared out across the glistening waters of Lake Williwaw.” Stormy Lake by L.D. Stauth

  7. Paula S.

    Incomplete Sentence by E.E.Kennedy: Tracey Parish sat at the red light and refused to fume, as she often did, over time she was kept waiting in traffic………….The light changed. Resolutely, she shifted into drive, merged into traffic, and was never seen alive again.

  8. This sounds like a great book! I wish people still understood the meaning of innocent until proven guilty. It seems these days quite the opposite is true…..

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