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the spirit of
love, known as glen

Publisher: Aurora House
Pages: 196
Genre: Spirituality/Poetry
Spirit of Love
is a collection of short writings, poems and phrases written by a man
who took himself into some of the darkest and most destructive depths that one
can go with drug and alcohol addictions back in his early twenties.
collection of writings contained within The Spirit of Love are the
result of one man’s healing journey within himself and the deep questioning
that has arisen from within it.
With the
love, support and guidance of his dear friend Edwina, in helping to bring these
writings from the handwritten scribbles on paper to how they are presented
today, The Spirit of Love is a reminder that no matter how dark,
desperate, alone, helpless or trapped one believes they may be, the sheer
beauty of the perfection of life in its totality is silently and patiently
living within us all, and its love is so powerful that it can heal anything
that has come to pass.


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Book Excerpt:

Take me now so that I need
never feel again
Screaming inside I keep
everything in
Release me now so I may tear
this skin from off my shell
For free can
I not be from this living hell?
Why are you afraid?
Swept along without giving a
moment to stop
Why are you going to the next
place you want to be?
What’s wrong with where you
are now?
Is the next place going to be
any different or better?
Funny how unwilling you have
become to look
Can it be that bad inside?
Afraid to feel life no more
Oh, how the voice is clever
Feeding the
prey so as not to be hunted.
Staring at you the battle
Nightmare’s voice always wins
Fighting so strongly against
my will
Oh, the insanity contained in
a pill
Within gulp of water’s cup
Battle lost I’ve given
Slowly the chemicals suffocate
my brain
The next few hours
surely insane.
How can you label I and in
turn yourself?
For labels change as
frequently as the weather
I am changeless – eternal
Let your sight not fool you
into a world of form
Enjoy thy magic and mystery
Play with it joyfully and
But see yourself not of it
Are you your job?
Is that the limit of your
Why do you choose to do what
you do?
Is it really you doing it?
Look what the eternal search
has brought
A searching with no end to
That which
you truly not need.
Stop it, stop it, I hear you
scream, the voice constant in its demands of you
But what can be done if
broken you have become?
Bound to a meaningless death
whilst your feet still walk
Bow to grace as freedom is you
just in being
See the butterfly kiss the
wind as a graceful dance
What have you become outside
Smash all mirrors as they do
not allow you to see what lies beneath
Seven colours formed of white
Form holds the illusion
together not wanting it to be seen
All that allows it to be is
what’s in-between
No sense I make, so that your
mind can move beyond the hours of
9 till 5
I lie
timeless for you.
Is mankind reflecting upon
From and within the boundless
nothingness that I Am
Nothing more or less than
degrees of variation
Like a leaf throughout the
seasons of its cycle
Come within so that I am
released from form
And journey from stillness
back to stillness
As infinite space and eternal
grace dance together in the hands of thy children
Mention not a word of I, nor
a thought, nor emotion, invisible I remain
See that star in your eye?
It is your world beneath your
A diamond in the form of a
Belong to silence,
cometh to existence through seed of breath, even and pure.
Cannot you feel the spirit
within her? Why? Why? Why?
You poison her veins with
fluorescent venom
Yet still she gives you soil
to grow your food
You shatter her body with
each bomb that tears at her skin
Yet still she gives you air
to breathe
Your chemical mind soaks away
her pure clear blood
Yet still she gives you water
to quench greed’s thirst
Great Mother Earth, you
inspire me to a love that holds no enemy
Take not a moment more to
cleanse your soul from our mistrust
Seeing you create your
balance now
A new earth awaits your
And yet still you wish to
give us abundance’s dance
Your wisdom singing
peacefully within thy true self
A self of love, a selfless
My weeping heart bleeds its
last drop into your soil
Take it and send me to my
grave with your earthy kiss
For you have
earned your rest from the hand of man.
Is thy being too simple for
A simple
being of love sets everything free
For whilst
thoughts, emotions, content, story and experience is a part of the journey, it
is a mere ripple on the surface of the vast depthless ocean of thy being, of
which I know nothing.
About the Author
At the
peak of his destructive cycle glen was so consumed by addictions, that on any
given day saw the abusive consumption of cocaine, MDMA powder, special K,
ecstasy, crystal meth, marijuana, prescription drugs (anti-depressants,
sleeping pills) and alcohol.
A time
that saw him attempting and failing to out race police cars through the streets
of a
Melbourne suburb one night, to
experiencing a near death experience while bleeding out from a glass injury
when holidaying overseas, a time of daily self-harming with the prospect of
suicide never being far out of reach.
through the unconditional love of his parents, glen found himself backpacking
though South America where a collection of events and direct experiences with
the local people and Mother Earth herself, triggered the beginning stages of
what would later become known to him as the shattering and dissolving of the
false identity of the illusionary mind-made-self and its “poor me” story.
inner-journey that awakens the spirit of love, known as glen, to not being a
personal identity as such but rather a way of being, a way of simplicity, a way
of the heart, a way that embraces and dances with the perfection of the present
moment like no other.
You can
visit the author’s website at
www.spiritoflove.com.au or his Facebook
page at

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