ChickLit Plus Book Blitz: Are You There Krishna? By Rachel Khona

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About the Book
Rachel knew even as a
young child that she wasn’t like the rest of her Indian family. While her
parents were plotting how she could make it into med school with her mediocre
grades in chemistry and biology, she had other things on her mind, including
such gems as:
· Why can’t she go to the temple on her period?
· Why don’t her Indian cousins like her?
· Why was it OK to be sexualized at a beauty pageant but not
for herself?
· How can she straddle two cultures while retaining her sense
of self?
· Why are women considered sluts and men considered studs?
· Why do people keep asking her if she was born in India?
· Should she wax down there?
· Why does she have crazy eyes?

After leaving home, Rachel got high in Amsterdam, met her pop
singer idol in a bathroom, argued with a ghost, and got lost in the Pyrenees.
But that didn’t stop her from questioning while men still tell her to smile.
‘Are You There Krishna? It’s Me, Reshma. Or Rachel. Or Whatever.’ weaves
stories of Rachel’s life with observations on race, class, sex, feminism, and
culture with humor and candor.

My Thoughts: 
I’m not one to read books like this. I’m more of a fiction kinda gal. But, when I read the blurb on this book, I chuckled. So, I decided to give this one a try to see if my life is the only one full of crazy. 

I loved the way the author created this account of her question-filled life. It was definitely entertaining. I wasn’t expecting to be able to finish it in one sitting but I did! I laughed through a lot of it. It’s definitely full of humorous accounts! 

The questions that this author asks in her life, well, they are definitely ones I would have asked! Not sure I would have been as funny recounting the questions, but I definitely would have asked them! 

This book of life, that’s what I’m going to call it, the book of life, is well written and very entertaining. If you are questioning today’s world, or your life in general, then you should definitely pick up a copy of Ms. Khona’s book. It will leave you chuckling and entertained for sure. It’s a quick-paced read and definitely worth 4 star praises!

*Note: There is some foul language in this book but it’s written in a way that you need it to be there, to understand the author’s life better*

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Author Bio
Once upon a time in an exotic land called New Jersey,
Rachel used to dream of one day playing tambourine in an all-girl rock band.
That never happened.

Instead she became a writer. She has written for The New York TimesThe Washington PostPlayboy, Penthouse, Maxim,
and Cosmopolitan among others.
When she’s not writing or designing, she is busy drinking
wine and singing off key, bike riding, pretending she’s friends with Mindy
Kaling and Amy Poehler, eating absurd amounts of cheese, or listening to rock
music at an appallingly loud volume. Sometimes all at once.
Check out her
book at 

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