Book Review: Echoes Of Mercy by Kim Vogel Sawyer

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Title: Echoes Of Mercy
Author: Kim Vogel Sawyer
Publisher: Waterbrook
Release Date:January 21,2014
Sub-Genre: Christian Historical Fiction
Length: 352 pages
Rating: 5 stars

Available at:
Amazon | Waterbrook | B&N

Sometimes a secret must be kept for the truth to be revealed.

When a suspicious accident occurs at the famous Dinsmore Chocolate Factory in Sinclair, Kansas, Caroline Lang goes undercover as a factory worker to investigate the circumstances surrounding the event and how the factory treats its youngest employees—the child workers. Caroline’s fervent faith, her difficult childhood, and compassionate heart drove her to her job as an investigator for the Labor Commission and she is compelled to see children freed from such heavy adult responsibilities, to allow them to pursue an education.

Oliver Dinsmore, heir to the Dinsmore candy dynasty, has his own investigation to conduct. Posing as a common worker known as “Ollie Moore,” he aims to find out all he can about the family business before he takes over for his father. Caroline and Oliver become fast friends, but tension mounts when the two find themselves at odds about the roles of child workers. Hiding their identities becomes even more difficult when fate brings them together over three children in desperate need. When all is revealed, will the truth destroy the love starting to grow between them?

Molly’s Review:
Ms. Sawyer is a wonderful author! She is one whose books I’ve been reading for quite some time now. When I think of reading her novels though, I think of reading Mennonite novels. This one is her Christian Historical Fiction work and oh did it hook me! I loved every minute of this book, that blended true-to-life events, wonderful scenes and beautifully created characters.

When I think of history, I like to envision the towns and people in their style of dress back then. Ms. Sawyer’s vivid descriptions captures those “images” for me perfectly so that I can feel like I’m actually seeing the town come to life. The events in the story, child labor, was a touchy one for me from time to time, as I can’t imagine ever doing that to a child! But, through wonderfully written words, Ms. Sawyer brings this story to a conclusion that will leave you wanting more!

Caroline “Carrie”, and Oliver “Ollie” were characters that instantly stole my heart! They were quirky, charming and so lovable! The secrets they held, the way that God was working in their lives, was truly fun to watch. I loved them wholly!

This is definitely a highly recommended book from me. Five stars, two thumbs and re-read status, this book will sweep you off your feet, take you on a whirlwind adventure ride and place you in the middle of an ending that you feel so much apart of you don’t want to put the book down. Well done, Ms. Sawyer, on creating yet another heart-gripping, emotionally satisfying novel!

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