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Pamela King
Satya House Publications
October 5, 2012
584 pages
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Andie Oliver is a faithful woman–to God, to her handsome husband Joe, and to televangelist Reverend Calvin Artury, a Godfather in a Mafia of holy men. Raised in the 1970’s to be subservient and submissive in the tradition of the Bible-belt South, she becomes a prisoner of that tradition. As a reluctant member of Artury’s evangelical megachurch, the House of Praise in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, Andie’s dream of children, home, and marriage falls apart after Joe is hired by the ministry team.

Vivid and tragic, Televenge exposes chaos in the megachurch, and embraces those who discover their destiny in unconditional love in a world fraught with fear and intimidation. Fighting for redemption for her family and herself, Andie confronts the very definition of evil personified. Evading ruthless adversaries who will go to any lengths to protect Reverend Artury, Andie battles the darkest side of televangelism. With more twists and turns than the Blue Ridge Parkway, Televenge takes you from the Piedmont South to the Hawaiian Islands, to Nigeria, and back to the high country of North Carolina.

In pitch-perfect voices, Pamela King Cable’s emotionally rich debut novel creates four extraordinary characters. Suspenseful and deeply moving, Televenge will be one of the most talked about books of the year.

Author Pamela King

About The Author:
Pamela is the author of the highly acclaimed collection of short stories, Southern Fried Women. Born a coal miner’s granddaughter and raised by a tribe of wild Pentecostals and storytellers, Pamela is an award-winning, multi-published author who loves to write about religion and spirituality with mystical twists she unearths from her family’s history. As a young adult she was married to a megachurch ministry team member and attended years of megachurch services. She has taught at many writing conferences, and speaks to book clubs, women’s groups, national and local civic organizations, and at churches across the country. More than a decade in the writing, Televenge is her debut novel. She lives in Ohio with her husband, Michael, and is working on her next novel.
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TLC Book ToursMy Thoughts

As a former member of a church that seemed to ‘brainwash’ their parishioners, I was totally for reviewing this book to see what it was like. I had so many problems with that church that I cried. Literally. So, I wanted to see what Ms. King had in store for her readers with a novel of the megachurch and it’s effects on people. Growing up, I remember my mom putting on the TV and there was this guy who was preaching and then all of a sudden he was asking for money. I was like, “huh?”. You try to teach us about God and how to take life as it comes, but then you turn around and ask for money? Televangelism was a confusing subject for me. Still is, if I’m honest. But, through the words for this talented author, I learned a whole new concept to the meaning of “church”.

Ms. King takes her readers on a journey of following Andie and her family as they follow their Pastor’s lead. This story takes place in my state of North Carolina (gotta love the books set in NC!!!), and shows the readers just what control means. But, Andie wants more. She doesn’t want the controlling Pastor or the husband who shows his love through abuse. She wants realness. She wants freedom. And I loved following her as she was swept up into the corruption known as televangelism.

Each page turn brings us a new look at the life inside of a mega-church. King’s style is unique and captivating, and, growing up watching Jimmy Swaggart and others, I really loved how she made the story become ‘real’. Andie’s journey became my own. By the end of the book, I was saddened and didn’t want it to end.

Is this a book I would have picked up on my own, though? Certainly not, simply because it’s long. I don’t like long novels, but when they are written as realistically as this one and as captivating as this one, then it’s worth the lengthy reading time. I definitely recommend this novel to those who enjoy a mix of genres, and a lengthy read. From start to finish, this 4 Book worthy novel will hook you and the journey will make you sad, mad, happy and wondering how man can misconstrue the religious concept. Well done, Ms. King!
-Review by Molly

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  1. Maria D.

    Good review – tough subject to deal with in real life because of how people react when you try to have a balanced conversation about faith, religion and all of the side issues that seem to come with them. Thanks for the review and spotlight on this book

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