TLC Book Tour Review: Blood Zero Sky by J.Gabriel Gates

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Blood Zero Sky
J. Gabriel Gates
HCI Teens
October 1, 2012
384 pages
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5/5 Books

Unprofitables are banished to work camps to pay off their credit. Other tie-men and women look on apathetically. Fair is fair. Everyone knows you shouldn’t use more credit than you are worth to the Company. They turn their attention to the next repackaged but highly coveted N-Corp product on the market, creatively advertised on the imager screens that adorn virtually every available flat surface. All the while, their mandatory cross-implants and wrist-worn “ICs” keep them focused on the endless cycle of work and consumption to which they are enslaved.

May Fields—the CEO’s daughter—would like to believe she is above all that. Head of N-Corp’s marketing team, the young woman who has almost everything anyone could want spends her days dreaming up ingenious ways to make workers buy more of what they already have and don’t need. Even before May discovers that the Company is headed for its first loss in thirty years, she is feeling the stirrings of dissatisfaction with the system that has given her everything she’s ever wanted . . . except the freedom to be herself.

When she is kidnapped by a member of the Protectorate—a secret order dating back to the American Revolution—May is suddenly faced with the frightening truth of what the Company’s greed has done to our most basic human rights. Will she embrace who she is and join the battle to restore America’s democratic freedom, or put her blinders back on and return to her safe and passionless life?

More prediction than fiction, Blood Zero Sky is a riveting, nonstop, and suspenseful gaze into the looking glass, destined to rise with the zeitgeist of our times to become the anthem of a generation.

Author J.Gabriel Gates

About The Author:
J. Gabriel Gates grew up in Michigan, the son of a teacher and an industrial supplies salesman. After receiving his B.A. in theater from Florida State University, he moved to Los Angeles, where he acted in short films and a dozen national TV commercials. He wrote several screenplays while working various day jobs: as a host at a sushi restaurant, a car salesman, a construction worker, and the manager of a luxury apartment building. Then, he began writing books.

His first two novels, Dark Territory: The Tracks, Book 1 and The Sleepwalkers, were published by HCI Books in 2011; Ghost Crown: The Tracks, Book 2 came out this summer, and the dystopian thriller Blood Zero Sky will be out in October 2012. He is currently at work on a new teen horror novel.

Connect With The Author:

TLC Book ToursMy Review:

I don’t read a lot of sci-fi novels…..I just don’t always like them. But, when I’ve read books by an author in the past that I’ve totally enjoyed, I’ll jump into a book of a genre that I don’t like just because I want to support that author. Sometimes, I like them….sometimes, I don’t. This time? I loved it! J.Gabriel Gates is a magnificent author and really knows how to throw his fans something that will captivate them from the start, and hold them til the end. Once again, he’s created a young adult novel that is filled with amazingly chiseled characters, a plot line that will blow you away and an ending that will leave you wanting more.

May Fields is an excellent character. From the start, she takes the reader on an exhilarating journey of action and twists. Her father is the CEO of one of the companies that run half the world. There are only two, and he runs one. She doesn’t need a lot in life with him as a father….there’s no government, and she’s not wanting for money. But there is one thing that she does have…..and it could change everything.
When things take on a twist, and May is kidnapped, the plot thickens, so to speak, and the roller coaster ride intensifies. Choices need to be made and people need to see the truth and learn that all is not as well as it may seem.

The world as we know it may change forever, especially if a book like this could really happen. The plot line is incredibly real-to-life and I felt as if I was in the middle of May’s life, living it for her. I felt every thing she did and when she had choices to make, I was finding myself questioning if I could make those kinds of choices myself. Incredible!

This is most definitely worthy of 5 Books, two thumbs up, hats off, and more. Mr. Gates has hit it out of the park, again, with a story that will stay with the reader for a long time to come! Every page turn brings something new, and every character becomes a part of you. If you love stories that are filled with a bit of suspense, lots of fabulous characters, and twists of futuristic happenings, then this is mostly a young adult novel that you will not want to miss! I absolutely love everything that Mr. Gates has brought to the table so far, and I can’t wait for another one of his novels to release! Fantastic job, Mr. Gates!

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  1. Maria D.

    Good review! I’ve never heard of this book but I’m adding it to my list to check out – I’m just beginning to get into some YA books – it all depends on the subject matter

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