PUYB Blog Tour Review: Celtic Run by Sean Vogel

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Celtic Run
Sean Vogel
Jake McGreevy Novel, #1
MB Publishing, LLC
April 25, 2012
160 pages
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Jake, a 14-year-old gadget whiz, didn’t plan on a summer full of treasure, thieves, and danger. He just got lucky.

While in Ireland on a class trip, Jake stumbles upon the first clue to a treasure missing from the Spanish Armada. Jake sees the riches as his chance to buy back the family sailboat and restore a piece of the life he enjoyed before his father was critically injured in an accident. Desperate to find the treasure, Jake teams up with Zach, his nemesis and class bully, and two girls in a clue-hunting chase across the Dingle Peninsula.

Dodging would-be thieves, exchanging wisecracks with Zach, and concocting ingenious devices to get them out of scrapes, Jake leads the team as they connect piece after piece to the 400-year-old mystery.

Author Sean Vogel

About The Author:
Growing up in a small town in Michigan during the 1980s, Sean was provided with an excellent garden for cultivating his writing career. With only a few simplistic video games and three television channels, he became an accomplished daydreamer and a creative outside adventurer.

A son of a garbage truck driver, Sean often received “gently used” items from his father’s route. With a bit of imagination and a little tinkering, these items were reborn as tools for battles against backyard bandits. These childhood experiences would later serve as the foundation and inspiration for Jake McGreevy’s gadgetry expertise.
Seeking his own adventures, Sean joined the Army via an ROTC scholarship at Colorado State University. Living in Germany for several years gave him the opportunity to travel extensively in Europe. During his time in the Army, he served in the Field Artillery and Signal Corp, rising to the rank of Captain and receiving the Bronze Star Medal for his service in Iraq.

Sean started drafting novels out of boredom during long deployments in the military; a pen is easier to carry than a guitar. But he soon fell in love with the frustrating, yet satisfying science called writing and has been hard at work ever since.

When he’s not helping his main character Jake get out of tangles, Sean is a department manager for a large aerospace company. He lives in Denver with his wife and their two dachshunds.

Connect With The Author:

My Review:
With two sons who love adventure seeking and thrills of “treasure” hunts, I knew I wanted to review this book! I was quite pleased with the outcome of Mr. Vogel’s work. He has created a book for middle graders that will both capture their attention and teach them some great lessons along the way!

Jake is your average middle schooler, on a field trip to Ireland. Once there, he finds clues for a treasure and gets his classmates (the girl he likes and her boyfriend) to join him in the hunt. The adventure begins and the reader is taken on a twisty ride of mystery and treasure seeking.

This is the kind of book that needs to be out there for kids today. It’s filled with lessons on facing life, embracing adventure, and being friends. Definitely a book I would love to keep on the shelves for my kids to read again and again! My boys totally loved reading about Jake (and the best part, my 10 year loved the fact that the main character shares his name!), laughing and being on an “adventure” with Jake. A 4 Book worthy children’s book that we can’t wait to read more of!

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2 responses to “PUYB Blog Tour Review: Celtic Run by Sean Vogel

  1. Lauren Smith

    This sounds like a great adventure book for all ages. I will have to pick this one up to read and then pass on to my son who is going into 7th grade. Thanks for the review. I just finished a book that I really enjoyed. It is called, “The Masada Protocol” by author Lee Broad. This a fiction thriller novel based in Israel in which a former black ops officer has taken on an intelligence assignment that takes him into a Middle East conspiracy that he must solve along with the help of a beautiful under cover agent from the Mossad.
    I’d love to know what you think of it!

  2. Maria D.

    Thanks for the review! I’m always on the lookout for books my young nephews would enjoy and since the boys are about the same age as the “hero” of this book, I bet this is something they would enjoy reading.

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