HFVBT Review: The Secret Keeper: A Novel of Kateryn Parr by Sandra Byrd

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The Secret Keeper: A Novel of Kateryn Parr
Sandra Byrd
Ladies in Waiting,#2
Howard Books
June 5, 2012
352 pages
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4/5 Books

The author of To Die For returns to the court of Henry VIII as a young woman is caught between love and honor. Juliana St. John is the daughter of a prosperous knight. Though her family wants her to marry the son of her father’s business partner, circumstances set her on a course toward the court of Henry VIII and his last wife, Kateryn Parr.

Sir Thomas Seymour, uncle of the current heir, Prince Edward, returns to Wiltshire to tie up his concerns with Juliana’s father’s estate and sees instantly that Juliana would fit into the household of the woman he loves, Kateryn Parr. Her mother agrees to have her placed in Parr’s household for “finishing” and Juliana goes, though perhaps reluctantly.

For she knows a secret. She has been given the gift of prophecy, and in one of her visions she has seen Sir Thomas shredding the dress of the king’s daughter, the lady Elizabeth, to perilous consequence.

As Juliana learns the secrets of King Henry VIII’s court, she faces threats and opposition, learning truths about her own life that will undo everything she holds dear.

Author Sandra Byrd

About The Author:
Sandra Byrd has published more than three dozen books in the fiction and nonfiction markets, including the first book in her Tudor series, To Die For: A Novel of Anne Boleyn. Her second book, The Secret Keeper: A Novel of Kateryn Parr, illuminates the mysteries in the life of Henry’s last wife.

For more than a decade Sandra has shared her secrets with the many new writers she edits, mentors, and coaches. She lives in the Seattle, Washington, area with her husband and two children.

Connect With The Author:
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My Review:
Ms. Byrd is back with another thrilling, captivating installment in her Tudor era Ladies In Waiting series. Having read book 1, To Die For: A Novel of Anne Boleyn, I couldn’t wait to dive into the history again and visit the courts, Kings, Queens and the ladies and sirs that accompany them. Once again, Ms. Byrd did not disappoint as I was swept away and joined Julianna St. John on a magnificent journey of treachery, debauchery, betrayal and loving sacrifice.

Julianna is chosen to be a companion/lady in waiting for the beautiful Kateryn Parr, the newly chosen Queen of Henry the VIII. What she finds among the court are friends, and confidants, but also so many secrets, lies and hurt. When she meets James “Jamie” Hart, I could feel her instant attraction, as the gentleman was quite a tender hearted character! I found myself, however, disgusted with Sir John Temple when meeting him. Not only for his mannerisms but for what poor Julianna endures after meeting him!

This book is most certainly not a light read; it’s filled with all the happenings of the Kings and Queens, courts and the like; but it is most definitely a fast read. Once you open the first page and witness first hand the amazing talent of Sandra Byrd, you will not be able to put the story down. You’ll transform into one of the many beautiful characters, dressed in the Tudor garb. You’ll find yourself actually hearing the accents and the words that flow from the pages.

I definitely recommend this book with 4 Books! It’s a story that is overflowing with heartache, secrets, love and more. You’ll get a glimpse into history that is both a beautiful time, and a tragic time. Ms. Byrd mixes in the secrets giving the story a wonderful mysterious element. I am highly looking forward to another Ladies In Waitingnovel from this wonderful author!

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3 responses to “HFVBT Review: The Secret Keeper: A Novel of Kateryn Parr by Sandra Byrd

  1. Maria D.

    Great review! I have not read any of the books in this series but I do like reading historical romance and this looks like a good one. I’m adding it to my list. Beautiful cover.

  2. Thank you so much, Molly, for reading and reviewing my book. I’m so glad you liked it! I’ll make sure you get a copy of Roses Have Thorns: A Novel of Elizabeth I next year!

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