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Always There
Susan Besze Wallace
Revell Books
April 12,2012
208 pages
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5/5 Books

God is with you . . .

. . . in the excitement of first steps, first words, and the first day of school

. . . when you are frustrated, overwhelmed, or alone

. . . in the middle of the night and the middle of the unpleasant

. . . in your most important relationships
God is there in every busy, exhausting, and exhilarating moment of being a mom.

It’s one thing to know in your mind that God is everywhere. It’s quite another to feel in your soul that he is by your side, holding you up, sustaining you. In Always There, you’ll find an inspiring combination of real-life mothering stories and Scriptures that assures you of God’s abiding presence, written by popular voices such as

  • Ann Voskamp
  • Alexandra Kuykendall
  • Kathi Lipp
  • Tracey Bianchi
  • Kim Hill
  • Renee Swope
  • and many more

No matter where you are in your mothering journey, Always There offers you hope and encouragement along the way. From the humorous to the solemn, these fifty-two short devotions will capture your heart as you reflect upon your important role as a mother and upon your ever-present and steadfast source of strength.

Author Susan Besze Wallace

About The Author:
Susan Besze Wallace is a magazine writer, the author of The New Mom’s Guide to Life with Baby and a columnist for MomSense. She spent twelve years as a newspaper reporter nationwide before the daily deadlines of mothering three boys became her passion. She resides in Northern Virginia.

My Review:
As a single mom of two lovable, rowdy, rambunctious boys, I am always looking for those moments of peace and quiet. Being a mom isn’t always easy. It’s far from easy. There are times that you just get so frustrated, you feel like you’re at your wits end and ready to throw in the towel. But, that can’t happen. Because, though those times may arise more often than not, those precious babies you have in your life are God’s gift to you, and He is right there beside you in the good moments…..and the bad moments. And, through this amazing devotional book, you’ll get those moments of peace and quiet and see how other moms work through their stressful times, and how God can help you to remember the good times and outweigh the bad times.

This devotional is a collection of stories, or essays as the back cover states, from Christian moms who have been there-done that. It has scripture verses that reflect each devotional and places to reflect on your daily reading, or a journal of sorts. The essays that each mom writes, at times can make you laugh so hard you want to cry, or they can make your cry so hard you just want to laugh. There are stories in here that really made me think, for I felt like those mothers many times.

This 4 Book worthy devotional book is most definitely perfect to have. It will help you to remember the day those bundles of joy arrived, and the love and completeness you felt the minute you held them for the first time. While being a mom won’t always be easy, if you turn to God, and ask for His help, and know that He is always there, you can overcome the difficult part of parenting and focus on the fun times, the times that make you smile, especially if you are a single parent. I definitely recommend this book to all the moms out there, single or married, young or old! It’s a perfect tool for reflection. 🙂

Available May 2012 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group.

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  1. Maria D.

    This sounds like the perfect book to give new mothers or expectant mothers. Thanks for sharing your review. I’ll be adding this book to my list of books to get to give as additional shower gifts.

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