Book Review: The Fireman’s Dream by Everett A. Zarzycki

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The Fireman’s Dream
Everett A. Zarzycki
Dorrance Publishing
May 3,2011
88 pages
provided by publisher
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2/5 Books

He was an ordinary fireman, devoted to extinguishing fires and rescuing people who had met with accidents or those who were trapped in edifices engulfed by flames. She was a supermodel, endowed with the beauty every man was wishing to claim.

By a sudden twist of fate, they found themselves gazing at each other’s faces, marveling at how a random strike of luck led their separate paths toward a conjunction.

A story of valor and of love that is able to bridge the gap between two vastly different worlds, A Fireman’s Dream will have you reflecting on your own fortune and longing for affection. In our generation today, where people vie for more hostility and revulsion, one man’s search for true love becomes an inspiring narrative of how we can surpass our weakness and achieve the kind of love that most only think of as a dream.

About The Author:
Everett A. Zarzycki is married and living a fine life with his wife, Roseann. He is a proud father of two vibrant girls, Elizabeth and Sandy, and works for the New York City Transit Authority. He enjoys carpentry and is a member of the Free and Accepted Masons. His fascination for firemen and the different forms and acts of bravery led him to the creation of this book.

My Review:
Wow. This will be a really, really short review. One that I absolutely hate writing. I hate it because it’s the first 2 Book worthy book that I’ve reviewed in a long time. I really don’t know what to say about this book. I wasn’t able to really get into the story. From the beginning, the author wrote the story more like a young reader’s book than an adult book. It’s just an 88 page story, but those 88 pages were slow reading. A story of an unexpected love find is a great plot line, and this would have been good, had it been better written and more complex.

With that being said, I still encourage you to give this story a try. Perhaps it is something that you may enjoy and find that the writing style isn’t all the bad. But, for me, sadly, it didn’t pass the grade and I am going to have to give this a 2 Book rating and say not for me.

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