PUYB Tour Review: Comfortably Awkward by Kenny Scudero

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Comfortably Awkward
Kenny Scudero
January 9, 2012
268 pages
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For Albert Ferenzo, life is a series of ironic events that may or may not have a reason behind them. While struggling to find a niche for himself, Albert blames the corporate world for hindering his dream of making money and living a prosperous life. After playing the good guy his entire life, Albert decides that the only way to get ahead in the world is to be the bad guy. Albert questions his own fate as he drives himself to insanity in an effort to find happiness. The destinies of Albert and everyone around him intertwine as he finally realizes what life is all about or at least, he thinks he does in this revolt against normality.

Author Kenny Scudero

About The Author:
Comfortably Awkward is Kenny Scudero’s debut self-published novel. He is a twenty-two year old author from New York City who looks forward to a bright future in writing. Kenny recently graduated from St. John’s University where he majored in Sport Management. At St. John’s, Kenny was Sports Editor for the University newspaper. After graduating from St. John’s, Kenny had trouble finding a job and wrote “Comfortably Awkward” based off that frustration. He is currently working on his second novel.

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My Review:
In today’s society, getting a job isn’t going to be easy. The economy is just not that good right now. And, with fictional characters, Kenny Scudero has captured that issue wholly among the pages of Comfortably Awkward. Now, I’ll be honest. I did have a little trouble getting into the story. It sort of dragged on and on for me, and I just couldn’t figure out where the story was going. But, after pushing on, I got to know Albert Ferenzo. I got to see his issues first hand through his eyes and what I saw there, was truly what is happening to a lot of people in today’s world.

Jilted and jaded in the corporate world, Albert is convinced that his bosses and co-workers are all robots. Not robots in the sense that they are mechanical, but they do the same routine day in, day out, with nothing changing. They quickly loose sight of the real world and become drags. Life in corporate America is just not all it’s cracked up to be, no matter how much money you make, or how hard you try to blend in.

Mixed into the novel is witty humor. With relationship issues,dealing with his girlfriend’s family, and smart alec bosses, Albert has it all on his shoulders. But, following along side him, I could see where his issues would come from, and often found myself wondering why in the world would he subject himself to something like that! .

Mr. Scudero has really captured the essence of corporate America in a humorous new novel. I definitely recommend this 4 Book worthy novel to anyone wanting that “release” from the fast-paced, hectic moments of a busy work day. Escape into the pages and see why things can become “comfortably awkward” in an everyday society of trying to blend in, fit in, and make an impression. Well done, Mr. Scudero! Looking forward to more work like this to keep the readers hooked!

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