PUYB Blog Tour Review: Henry Wood Detective Agency by Brian Meeks

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Henry Wood Detective Agency
Brian Meeks
Positive Imaging, LLC
July 20, 2011
210 pages
provided by author
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5/5 Books

A complex yet intriguing story. It’s full of danger, betrayal, and even love.

Henry Wood is an average detective, at best. His typical cases are boring, predictable, and safe, that is, until his new client walks through his door. It is Jan 1, 1955 and up until now his world has been one of black and white, right and wrong, but Luna Alexander’s case is going to change all of that and there will forever be shades of grey.

Henry will face the mob, question his own understanding of right and wrong, and need to make a decision that goes against everything he holds dear. A bit of a lone wolf, he finds that sometimes one needs help from their friends.

There are clues, like bread crumbs, being left by a mysterious benefactor who seems to have Henry’s best interest at heart, but will Henry put it all together in time?

Author Brian Meeks

About The Author:
Brian D. Meeks found a love of writing through a random act of blogging. On Jan 2, 2010, he was overcome by boredom and found blogger.com. With little else to do before the football game kicked off, he wrote a piece about woodworking. Later that same day, while visiting a woodworking forum, he found a button labeled ‘blog’, so he cut and pasted the piece he had written and then went to watch football. The next day, out of curiosity, he checked back in on his blog piece. The one on forum had over 300 hits and 25 comments, many of them requesting more. This surprising dose of external validation prompted him to write a post on Jan 3. He has written every day since.
Brian writes his novels in serial form, posting one chapter per day on https://extremelyaverage.com. It was this method, which caught the attention of his publisher, Positive Imaging, LLC. Brian has completed the 2nd and 3rd books in the series and is nearing completion on the 4th. He has also compiled a collection of humorous guest blog posts, which will be available in the spring.

Connect With The Author:
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My Review:
Brian Meeks is a wonderful author! He took a fabulous cast of characters and spiced them up with a twisty plot line, throwing the reader a life line to a wonderful mystery book! Each page brought something new and kept me hooked until the last one. I really enjoyed getting to know Henry Wood!

Being a child of the 80s I know absolutely nothing about the life of the 50s save for what I’ve seen on TV or heard from my folks. But, upon reading Mr. Meeks’ book, I was instantly transported to another time and place, and as I read this book, I feel in love with the entirety of the 50s, the mystery, the black-and-whiteness of it all. Reading this was like watching the old black and whites on the TV and being swept to the center of the crimes.

Filled with mobsters, beautiful women and a crime that only Henry Wood can solve, this story was a fantabulous roller coaster ride! When Henry met Luna, the mystery began. Luna’s father has gone missing, and she knows that something’s not right. She enlists Henry in the suspense when she turns to him to find her father. But, little do they know, that that’s just the beginning of a long line of mysterious events that will lead Henry on a chase to find the missing man! Enter Sylvia, a mysterious woman, who leaves Henry quite on edge as he feels that something is off.

Combined all those things and so much more, and Mr. Meeks throws you a fun loving, witty new book about a wood-loving detective. This is a 5 Book worthy start to what I hope will be a series of awesomeness and adventure as we follow Henry Wood in all his glory in searching for answers to crimes. Grab a copy and see for yourself that this is one book that will have you hooked instantly and wishing for more!

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