PUYB Tour Review: Slouching Toward Bellingham by Anneke Campbell

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Slouching Toward Bellingham
December 6,2010
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When a pregnant girl named Mary waddles into Bellingham, Indiana, she also wanders right into the hearts of its townspeople. Not to mention their imaginations: Because Mary’s a virgin!Joe the postman is the first to spot her, struggling bedraggled and dirty down the road into town. He introduces her to Violet, the waitress at his favorite diner, who has her own reasons to be kind. Next thing you know their friend Dr. Bob’s examined her and proclaimed her a virgin.And then the whole world wants a piece of her.News stories are written; websites built; roving gangs of paparazzi set in motion. Throughout it all, Mary maintains sacred silence. Juggling a townful of characters, each with his or her own agenda, not a single one selfless or blameless, Campbell makes Bellingham come alive as she shows how each is changed by the apparent miracle.This good-natured tale about an extraordinary event in an ordinary town pulls off the rare trick of being satirical, funny, and very, very real without ever sinking into the cynical. A great gift for anyone who reads—especially if they’re a mom.

About the Author:
Anneke Campbell has worked as a midwife, nurse, masseuse, prenatal yoga teacher, college teacher of English, and writer in a number of genres. She has won awards for poetry, for one piece of journalism and one television script. She writes and co-produces videos for environmental and social justice organizations, and co-wrote a manual for activists, “Be The Change: How To Get What You Want in Your Community.” In 2010 she edited an anthology on women’s leadership: “Moonrise: The Power of Women Leading from the Heart.” She is currently a doctoral student at the California Institute for Integral Studies. An earlier version of her novel Slouching Towards Bellingham appeared in print in 2004, under the title Mary of Bellingham.

My Review:
Ms. Campbell has a wonderful talent! I am still in the middle of finishing this book, as I’ve had a late start on it but WOW! I am absolutely blown away by her amazing talent! 
Now, this is a story that will sound familiar to us all: Mary, being a virgin, has a baby in Bethlehem…….it’s a wonderful story that we all know at Christmas time. Ms. Campbell’s take? A fantabulous twist on that story, sending Mary to Bellingham, adding witty, charming characters and throwing us a greatastic novel! 
She takes a modern day pregnant virgin Mary, sends her to Bellingham, and unleashes the fun and twists of an engaging story! 
While I still have a few chapters left to read, I can tell you right you now, that this a fun story! It’s got some twists and turns that are unexpected for a book like this and the characters reach out and tug you completely into the story and you become a part of Bellingham. 
I can definitely say that this is a 5 Book worthy read, and I am anxious to finish out these last few chapters to see the ending! It’s laughable, it’s cryable, and it’s downright lovable. I am keeping my fingers crossed that this is not the last we see of Ms. Campbell’s work. I’m a forever fan now!

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