PUYB Tour Review: Romancing The Soul by Dorothy Thompson

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Romancing The Soul
Dorothy Thompson
October 2004
350 Pages
provided by author

Snow White and Prince Charming. Romeo and Juliet. Beauty and the Beast. Harry and Sally. These are all names that come to mind when one thinks of the term “soul mates,” but what does it actually mean? More importantly, how do we find our soul mates and would we know what to look for? Romancing the Soul – True Stories of Soul Mates from Around the World and Beyond brings together sixty beautiful and compelling stories from people all over the world who have found their soul mates through real-life miracles and chance encounters. From karmic soul mates to twin souls, these powerful and heartwarming stories will not only mystify you, they’ll make a believer out of you. Relationship expert Dorothy Thompson has compiled sixty stories into three sections – karmic, companion and twin souls – so that you can know without a doubt who your own soul mates are with no guessing. More than sixty authors have banded together to tell their true soul mate experiences – some of which will surprise you – in the hope this will be a reference for all those who are searching, whether it be for relationships, friendships or personal gratification. A stepping stone toward understanding the soul mate experience, this is the book for the soul mates of the New Age and will have a profound effect on your search for your own soul mate.

About the Author:
Dorothy Thompson is the compiler/editor/co-author ofRomancing the Soul: True Stories of Soul Mates From Around the World and Beyond, as well as other relationship ebooks such as How to Find and Keep Your Soul Mate and 101 Facts You Never Knew About Soul Mates. Her relationship columns have appeared in eNotAlone, SistersDiva Magazine, MindBodySpirit Magazine, Singles Cafe, SinglesStop, Innerself, Single Again, Free Spirit Centre, Holistic Harmony, SpiritualMinds, Self-Growth, Into the Mystic, Romance Stuck and many other relationship ezines as well as The Eastern Shore News and The Daily Times, both Gannet Publications. She has been featured in the supermarket tabloid, OK! Magazine as well as appearing as a special guest on many radio programs including Lifetime Radio, Single Talk, Cuzzin Eddie Show and A Book and a Chat.

Her many upcoming projects include a self-help book titled The Soul Mate Triangle: Unlocking the Mysteries of the Soul Mate Relationship (due to be released by Zumaya Publications in 2013) and several other books in various stages of production.

Dorothy is also CEO/Founder of Pump Up Your Book, an innovative public relations agency specializing in online book publicity and social media.

My Review:
Soul mates. Everyone’s got one, right? Well, I thought I did at one point. But then I divorced the dude. Sorry. Just couldn’t live with him anymore. He really got on my nerves. Seriously. No joke. Anyway, yea, I thought I had one. Turns out I just wanted someone to call my own. Never really was my “soul mate”. He went on to write a book called Donations To Clarity……LMBO!!! I HAD to throw that in there! 
Anyway, soul mates. What exactly IS a soul mate? I’ve always wondered that. I never really knew what to think when people said “I’ve found my soul mate”…….I mean really? What do you say to someone who’s never experienced that profound of love or friendship? Sure, I’ve really been married and divorced, but he was never really my soul mate. If he was, I wouldn’t have divorced him. I’ve had best friends through the years, but I’ve never experienced that deep, deep, soul defining friendship. I don’t know really…must have been a result in being married to that crazy author Noah Baird (not really but you’d have had to have read that crazy butt guest post he did to understand the joke behind the joke….).  So, I found that Dorothy’s book was truly interesting. In fact, I LOVED it. It really was a wonderful, enjoyable read. It’s not a fiction novel, which is what is surprising in itself, since I very seldom read anything other than fiction……
In Romancing The Soul, we read about many different experiences that people have had with finding their soul mates. The stories are truly amazing. I loved them all. No one story alone was my favorite. They all reached out and touched my own soul from deep inside. I loved that feeling. Through Romancing The Soul, I laughed, I cried, and I sat there in shock at some of the stories. They really are complied in a wonderful way. 
Dorothy herself has a unique talent for touching the souls of her friends, and fans. Just by being her. She is the perfect person to turn to if you need advice on love! Or, her book is, rather. If you are looking for that unique interesting new read, then grab a copy of this book. Whether you are experiencing a search for your soul mate, or have already found one, or are just curious about the whole love and soul mate issue, look no  further than this 4 Book worthy compilation. Dorothy’s relationship expertise shines through in the way she created this book. A wonderful gift for this holiday season for your loved ones! Great job, Dorothy! 

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