PUYB Tour Review: Outlawed Love by J.M. Krumbine

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Outlawed Love
One Stray Word Books
August 2,2010
provided by author

Kate Sharpe, US Marshal, is a woman on a mission with no time for love or romance. Her prisoner, the handcuffed hottie, Kyle Archer, just turned State’s evidence on notorious mobster Jonathon Bragan. Kate’s responsible for getting him from the courthouse to the jailhouse, but can she do it without losing her heart?

About the Author:
J.M. Krumbine is the author behind the pulse pounding, wisecracking Alex Cheradon Series, the dead soul hunting Grym Brothers Series (including Two and a Half Dead Men, The Dead Couple and Better Off Dead), and the tongue-in-cheek paranormal romance “A Graveyard Romance.”

His latest book is a romantic suspense novel titled Outlawed Love.

My Review:
J.M. Krumbine is my new favorite romantic suspense author. Wow. I can’t believe a GUY can write a romantic suspense novel and hit all the RIGHT angles of what goes into it. Hehehehe 😉 . He created a strong plot line with complex and lovable characters(I mean come on now….just LOOK at that DELICIOUSLY YUMMY cover!) and turned out an instantly captivating story that leaves the reader on the edge of their seats through out the story. This was one heck of a fast paced, suspenseful read!

I totally loved Kate’s character. I loved the way she felt the instant attraction to her prisoner, yet tried so hard to fight the reaction she had to him. With someone out to kill them, even though most believed them dead (what? You think I’m gonna tell you the story behind that? Heck no! Grab your own copy and see for yourself!), it’s her job to get her prisoner safely where he needs to be….in the minimum security prison.

Oooooohhhhhh, and that Archer? S-E-X-Y!!!! Yep. Just picturing the guy in real life really sets the readers (at least the WOMEN readers….) hearts aflutter. I loved the wittiness about Archer and for most of the book, I totally wished that I was in Kate’s shoes. The interaction he had with Kate will leave you swooning AND laughing.

Oh and Kate’s brother, Jack???? Well, now I’m totally wishing I had one of him too! There’s just something in reading about sexy guys in fast paced thrillers that really hook me…..

Anyway, back to the review…..why are you still there? Shouldn’t you be clicking one of those two buttons at the top of this page by the cover that say Amazon or Barnes And Noble???? Yep up there. If you click one of those you can grab your own copy, dive into this fast, thrilling, AWESOMETASTICNESS of a novel written by a SUPERIFFIC author and see for yourself why I give this book a rockin’ great 5 Book rating! I can’t wait to see what’s next in Mr. Krumbine’s romantic suspense line! I hope it’s another great, laugh-out-loud, roller coaster of twists and turns, ups and downs, just like this one!

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