PIC Tour Review: Scream Catcher by Vincent Zandri

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This is how your life ends: Not with a whimper, but a scream!

Jude Parish is afraid. The former violent crimes cop turned bestselling true crime author has a fear-filled demon lodged inside of him. A demon so real he can only imagine a slimy reptilian beast with scaly skin, black eyes, and razor-sharp fangs having taken up residence inside the place where his once confident and fearless soul resided. Now, in the wake of his literary success, the ever anxious Jude is hoping to lead a quiet, peaceful life in the idyllic Adirondack vacation town of Lake George, New York with his new pregnant wife, Rosie, and Jack, his young son from a previous marriage. But when Jude becomes the accidental witness to a bizarre “kill game” in which the killer, video game designer and master of disguise, Hector “the Black Dragon” Lennox, insists on recording the screams of his victims prior to shooting them dead, the ex-cop’s life is turned upside down.When Lennox is arrested by the L.G.P.D. and Jude is asked to act as the state’s “star witness,” he has no choice but to fight his demon-fear and take on the role. But what he doesn’t realize at the time, is that the killer’s arrest is actually the first level in what is a carefully designed and scripted first-person video kill game that will involve his entire family as “players” and “victims.” How will the kill game…

Scream Catcher
Vincent Zandri
StoneGate Ink
August 30,2011
eBook/454 pages

About The Author:
Vincent Zandri is the No. 1 International Bestselling Amazon Kindle author of THE INNOCENT, GODCHILD, THE REMAINS, MOONLIGHT FALLS, CONCRETE PEARL and the forthcoming MOONLIGHT RISES. He is also the author of the bestselling digital shorts, PATHOLOGICAL and MOONLIGHT MAFIA. Harlan Coben has described his novels as “…gritty, fast-paced, lyrical and haunting,” while the New York Post called THE INNOCENT, “Sensational…Masterful…Brilliant!” In March, April and May of 2011, he sold more than 100,000 Kindle E-Books editions of his novels, and is rapidly closing in on the 200K mark all totaled. An MFA in Writing graduate of Vermont College, Zandri’s work is translated into many languages including the Dutch, Russian and Japanese. An adventurer, foreign correspondent, and freelance photo-journalist for RT, Globalspec, IBTimes and more, he divides his time between New York and Florence, Italy.

My Review:
Some people may think that I’m all out crazy to sing the praises about Vincent’s books the way I do. And those people may just be right. I’m not scared to admit that Vincent Zandri’s work is incredibly awesome. For a suspense author, he’s got his stuff in the right place.

The thing that I love about Zandri’s work is this: the adventure. Yep, the adventure. How can one have an adventure reading a Zandri novel?? Listen closely…..he fills it with fast paced, heart pounding amazing-ness that will leave the reader far from where they started. He sucks them, twists them up and sets them down in unknown places each time.

Scream Catcher. Just the name of this novel grabbed me. But, what is it really about? It’s about a murderer. Duh. 😉 No, seriously. It is about a murderer but one who does things a little differently than most. He captures the moans and the screams of those that fall victim to his evil, on recording. He uses them for his games that he creates, and Jude Parrish is the one that races against time, to find this monster and save his family from falling into the trap, and becoming the next set of victims.

Each page turn brought a new spark to Jude’s hunt. Each page turn brought me closer to the edge of my seat and my knuckles just a little bit whiter. My fear level rose with this Zandri novel like it hasn’t done before. Wondering what the killer had in store for Jude and seeing the ending, well, this is one book that will be with me for a long time to come!

Suspense lovers, I highly recommend this book! It’s filled with mystery, suspense, murder and twists that will leave you looking over your shoulder, turning the night light on, and questioning everyone you meet. This is definitely another great 5 Book worthy read from a best selling author!

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