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Today, I’d like to give a warm welcome to fellow blogger(and author!) and all around AWESOME lady, April Pohren. She runs Cafe Of Dreams Book Reviews and if you don’t already follow her site, you should head there NOW. She has awesome reviews, great spotlights and lots fun things in store at her blog. Welcome, April!!!

Angel Kisses
by April Pohren

Rosy cheeks rise to the sky as angel kisses cover her face.  All around her, the hustle and bustle of the holiday season is in full swing.  Childrens’ voices rise as adults’ voices take on a stressed edge.   The Holidays: a time to rejoice; revel in kindness and the glory of truth. 

Sadly, just like for this little rosy cheeked girl, the holidays will be filled with loneliness, sadness and a heart filled with ache; an ache to match that which is forever deep within her, one that is never filled.  While some run, unstoppably, from here to there, stressing about gifts, the fights of crowds, the “annoyance” of planning for family gatherings, there are others who live each day, wishing for the simplest of gifts – a hug, a smile or kind gesture, enough food to fill a tummy.  Yet others sit, alone, in nursing homes or long-term care facilities with no one to brighten their Holiday.  How I wish that I could push a button to freeze time; freeze each and every person and whisper in their ear.  Be aware of those around.  Smile and look others in the eye.  Show that you care and that yes, each and every person exists within your world, no matter if it is for a fraction of a second or for a lifetime.  They all make some sort of difference. 

The greatest of gifts is the gift of yourself – be it a smile, acknowledgment, holding a door, or allowing someone else to go in front of you in a line.  It truly doesn’t take much, but means so very very much.  Imagine the joy that you can bring by giving a simple Christmas card to those in nursing homes or elderly people who are so alone.  There is no greater gift than the smile or sparkle in the eyes of another person and knowing that you put that there.  Embrace the world and know the true glory of the holiday season. 

Glistening flakes fall.

White against a dark blue-grey sky;
each flake different and beautiful,
Angel kisses from heaven.

A little girl lifts her face to receive these blessed treasures upon her rosy cheeks.

She feels the warmth of God’s love wrap around her fragile body.

A tremor of a smile quakes at her lips;
as a tear slides from crystalline blue eyes.

At only seven years of age, those eyes have seen it all:
the beating death of her Mother at the hands of a stranger,
the harshness of unkind eyes as they slap and shake her,
Cruel words of hatred, repeatedly spewed forth.
Now she is alone in this great big city;
a city of horror and unkindness.

No food, no shelter, only herself.

For just a moment, that one perfect moment,
she doesn’t feel so alone, so unloved and scared.
She feels God holding her tight in his embrace.

As her tears mingle with the snowflakes, she hears a scuffle beside her.

Looking over her shoulder, she sees a kind and gentle woman.

The woman’s face glows almost iridescent.

For just a moment, the little girl wonders if the woman is an angel.

“Emily”, the woman whispers.

How did she know her name?

“It is time, my child.”

“Time for what?” the little girl whispers, with a tremor in her small voice.

“It is time to come home.”

“But, but I have no home,” a fragile sob escapes pink bow lips, as straggly blond hair falls to hide her face.

“You do, Emily.”  Falling to her knees in the new blanket of snow, the woman lays gentle hands on the little girl’s shoulders.  “God has called to us; he has brought us to you.”

Looking up and peering through long lashes, Emily takes note of a kindly looking gentleman standing beside the woman.

“Who, who, who are you?” Her slight words barely a whisper on the breeze.

The woman looks up and locks eyes with the gentleman and both look back at Emily with kind eyes and a warm smile. 

“I am Anna and this is my husband, Reverend Noah.  Our parish is not far from here and you, my little one, have been on everyone’s lips.  We know about your Mother and have talked and prayed long and hard.  God has chosen us to love you, if you will have us.”

A golden shimmer seems to cascade over the woman and man.

The little girl hesitates, wonders and worries.

Looking toward the sky, she feels the snowflakes once again brush upon her cheeks.

A whisper fills her mind, “Go with them, my Child.  They are my gift to you.  They will love you, nurture you and give you a good home.  They are my Children, my Angels, sent to help you and keep you safe.  Go with them, Child, and know that I am always here, watching over you.”

A sense of peace, one that she has never before felt, envelops her.

As she lowers her head, the little girl’s eyes meet those of the man and the woman. 

All three smile as three sets of hands interlock.

The woman bends down, close to the little girl’s ear and whispers, “God has gifted us with Angel kisses tonight.”

With those words, all three faces lift toward the Heavens and become covered in glistening Angel kisses.

Remember, especially during the holiday season – as well as all year long, that there are people all around you.  Remember that each and every one of those people is special and need to be reminded of that.  Christmas is about giving – God gave the world his only Child on that precious and memorable day.  It is not about the material things in the world, it is about kindness, goodness and others.  Life is not easy and filled with mountains, but each one of us can help others make that climb easier with a simple and meaningful gesture of goodwill.  It doesn’t take a lot to bring a sense of peace and comfort to others.  Give a little surprise to someone, visit an Angel Tree if you can, volunteer, go to a nursing home to visit – just a simple “hello”, smile and gentle touch on the hand can go a long way in brightening a lonely soul.  Never forget that the gift of giving far exceeds the gift of receiving. 
I wish each and every one of you a very blessed Christmas and Holiday Season.  I wish you all peace and love; and remember – take the time to enjoy those beautiful Angel kisses from above.

About April:
April Pohren has been an avid reader and aspiring writer since she was old enough to hold a pencil and could read. This passion turned into the venture of her book review blog Cafe of Dreams Book Reviews where she shares many books of varying genres, author interviews, guest posts, book reviews, Virtual Tours and several of other fun things. April is the author of the digital shorts: Dream Me to Death and Welcome to the Land of Insanity.

When not reading, reviewing and writing, April works as a freelance writer in-between refereeing her two young children and preventing them from doing bodily harm to one another. April resides in Iowa with her husband, two children, three dogs and two cats. Yes, never a dull moment.

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