Book Review: Ghosts Of The North Carolina Shores by Michael Rivers

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Ghosts Of The North Carolina Shores
Michael Rivers
Schiffer Books
January 28,2010
160 pages
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5/5 Books


Take a spooky journey through the shore towns of North Carolina. Find ordinary men and women who’ve witnessed ghosts. Meet a dead Confederate sentry who has not left his post. In Weldon, waltz with a ghostly lady … until she disappears. Witness a battle at Bentonville that appeared to be a re-enactment—it wasn’t. From the Chowan River to beaches of the Outer Banks, the spirits of the North Carolina shores never rest.



Author Michael Rivers

About the Author:
Micheal, born in 1953, is an American author. His writing genres include Fiction, Horror, Thriller and Paranormal. Micheal has been writing for several years. In the past he concentrated on Romantic Poetry. In recent years he has focused on writing Fiction and Paranormal stories.

His book titled “Ghosts of the North Carolina Shores” has been published by Schiffer Publishing Ltd. Micheal also published the eBook “The Black Witch” which is the first of a series on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Micheal has over thirty years of investigating and collecting stories of the paranormal. He is the lead investigator for the Smokey Mountain Ghost Trackers of Western North Carolina.

He served his country as a United States Marine during Vietnam. He is a native North Carolinian. He lived in the Chicago area in the past and furthered his education there. He served the community as an Emergency Medical Technician while living there. Micheal currently resides in the mountains of North Carolina along with his wife and his Boxer he fondly calls Dee Dee.

My Review:
Living in North Carolina for the past 17 years, I LOVE anything and everything to do with North Carolina, whether it’s fiction or non. When I was able to review Michael Rivers’ book, Ghosts of the North Carolina Shores, I jumped on it. I knew that, if I didn’t like it, my son would LOVE it. He’s 9 and everything is all about Ghosts and ghost hunting with him. But, I am super happy to say this book is FANTASTIC!

Each chapter is about a different town or county in North Carolina and Rivers presents them with facts on a ghost or ghosts that have been spotted or heard in each of those towns. He incorporates pictures from the towns or counties in the ghost-filled areas as well. It’s definitely an informative read!

One of my favorite parts of the book was about the Johnston County Bentonville Battleground ghost. Why did that one become my favorite out of all the other North Carolina shores ghosts??? Because I LIVE IN JOHNSTON COUNTY!!! Yup! I live not 30 minutes from that Bentonville ghost and I LOVE going to the Harper House there, especially during all the Civil War reenactments!

So, suffice it to say, that my son and I BOTH loved this book. Michael Rivers created an informative, unique and awesome book that is perfect for those that are into the ghosts or who may be interested in touring the North Carolina shores and looking for some attractions to visit. Definitely 5 Book worthy and highly recommended.

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