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Thanksgiving Drought?
by Janelle Mowry

The word produces a certain amount of fear and frustration, particularly for me, a farmer’s wife and author. And since I live in Texas, where, statewide, it’s been the driest in recorded history, this year has been especially trying. What began as one of the most promising years for agriculture production turned into a year of hardship. Every so often, we’d see what looked like promising rainclouds only to have them disappear or move around us. The ground began to crack, and the cracks turned into large crevices that were so wide and deep, a man could stick his arm down and not reach bottom. Row crops withered and died, and water for our rice crop was hard to come by.
And the ground wasn’t the only thing that turned dry. Once I turned in the story for my Christmas anthology and finished editing the last two stories for my Colorado Runaway series, I had no other contracts or deadlines. Oh, I have prospects, some that sound certain. But without the ink on the paper, there’s no guarantee. Then there are times that the words just won’t come. I’ll stare at a blank page on the computer screen and wonder if I’ll ever get it filled before the empty sheet threatens to swallow me up.
If there’s one thing I’ve learned about droughts and hardships, it’s the perfect time to watch God work. This isn’t the first year farming and writing has been tough. But without fail, God has come through for us, one way or another. Midway through this year, my husband and I both wondered how God would provide. We didn’t doubt that He would. He always has, and we are so thankful.
As Thanksgiving approaches, we’re still in a severe drought and I still have no contracts, yet we have so much to be thankful for. In these uncertain times, we have eternal security, good health, wonderful family and friends. God is gracious and merciful, and I praise Him for each breath I get to take. If you find yourself in some kind of drought, take a good look around. There is much to appreciate and many blessings to be found. Whether in a trickle or a hard shower, blessings will fall.

About The Author:
Janelle Mowery is the author of several novels, including Where the Truth Lies. When not writing, reading, and researching, she is active in her church. Born and raised in Minnesota, Janelle now resides in Texas with her husband and two sons, where she and her family have the opportunity to raise orphaned raccoons, look at beautiful deer, and make friends with curious armadillos.

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