Cladach’s Fall Fiction Fling 2011:Kathryn’s Fountain by David J. Claassen

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Title:Kathryn’s Fountain
Author:David. J. Claassen
Publisher:Cladach Pub
Release Date:November 18, 2011
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Read the first chapter here.

About the Book:
Kathryn is resigned to living out her last days at Victorian Manor, a beautiful old home for senior citizens. Then one day something strangely wonderful happens to Kathryn at the garden fountain, and she begins living an adventure beyond her wildest dreams. Love and sacrifice take on new meaning as she involves a social worker and a police detective in carrying out what she believes to be her calling ~ to rescue a street child named Jasmine. The miracle at the fountain brings adventure that bridges the generations with hope and love.

Kathryn’s Fountain celebrates the gifts that the generations can bring to each other. The conclusion is a resounding affirmation that it’s never too late to make a difference!

About the Author:
Dave Claassen writes part-time. His full-time calling is to give spiritual leadership and pastoral care to a group of people called the Mayfair-Plymouth Congregational Church in Toledo, Ohio.

Dave and his wife, Diann, make their home across the border in southeastern Michigan. They have two grown children and a growing number of grandchildren.

Dave enjoys photography, ventriloquism, tending his flock of white homing pigeons, and maintaining an aquarium and fish pond.

Dave writes a weekly newspaper column and an inspirational blog. His other published books include Object Lessons for a Year (Baker Books) and Silent Words Loudly Spoken (CSS Publishing).

Interview With The Author:

1. Dave, what made you decide to become a writer as well as a pastor? Why do you write?

Dave: I’ve wanted to write since I was a teenager. I remember using an old Underwood portable typewriter (old already in the 1960s), to write short devotional/essay pieces, on the picnic table out under a tree on our Iowa farm. I write because I feel I can’t keep from writing! I write to change the world more than to entertain.

2. What was your process of creating Kathryn’s Fountain?

Dave: The basic storyline was there in my mind one morning when I woke up. At the time I was writing a science fiction novel (which I’ve just completed) and I interrupted that work to write Kathryn’s Fountain.

3. In Kathryn’s Fountain you use the symbol of a puzzle piece. What does that represent?

Dave: The puzzle imagery is meant to communicate that each of us is a part of the picture of God’s grand scheme. Like a puzzle piece, each of us – at any age or place in life – has a shape and purpose to fit into God’s big picture.

4. What is your writing routine? Is there something you typically do while writing a story – like drink coffee or listen to music?

Dave: I try to write Tuesday-Saturday for about 45 minutes each morning from 6:00-6:45am. I usually am sipping coffee at that time of the morning!

5. What would be a good present to give to a writer friend?

Dave: The recent issue of The Writer’s Market.

6. Do you know a good joke you could share with us?

Dave: Yes. This farmer was working out in his field when a guy descended in a hot air balloon to get directions, because he was lost. When the balloonist was within shouting distance he leaned over the basket and shouted down to the farmer below. “Hey, mister, where am I?” The farmer looked around, then up, pointed his finger at the guy in the balloon, and said, “You can’t fool me. You’re up there!”

7. What other writing are you doing these days?

Dave: I’m tweaking my science fiction novel, writing a weekly inspirational newspaper column, a mid-week inspirational e-mail (e-mail me to get put on the list), and I write regularly for my blog.

8. Where on the Internet can we find you?

Dave: At my website/blog:

9. Anything else you want people to know about you?

Dave: I am a serious amateur photographer and sell images on . I also do some ventriloquism for the kids at my church. Oh, yes, I have a backyard chicken coop with a few chickens.


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