Book Review: The Undertaker by William Brown

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The Undertaker
January 10, 2011
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About the Book:
Pete Talbott is a California native and harried Boston computer wonk still grieving over the death of his wife Terri, when he found himself at the wrong end of Gino Parini’s .45 reading his own obituary torn from that morning’s newspaper. Talbott figured it was all a big mistake until Parini showed him his wife’s obituary too, and this was a mystery Talbott couldn’t leave alone. From a funeral home in Indiana, to car chases on the Dan Ryan, a bloody Back Bay townhouse, snipers in New York City’s Washington Square, sleazy lawyers, corrupt County sheriffs, mafia hit men, the FBI, an army of Chicago cops, and that unforgettable scene in the upper berth of an Amtrak Train, “The Undertaker” is a thrill ride with a touch of humor and romance. Someone with a penchant for sharp scalpels and embalming tables is planting bodies under other people’s names; and if Talbott doesn’t stop them, he and his quirky new girlfriend, Sandy Kasmarek, will be next on the Undertaker’s list.

About the Author:
Bill Brown is the author of The Undertaker, his sixth suspense novel, has already received three 5-Star ratings from major review sites. It is available on Kindle, Sony, Nook, and IBook. His earlier books include Thursday at Noon, published in hardback by St. Martins, with paper and foreign editions and numerous favorable reviews in The New Yorker and other publications. Beaufort Books published his first novel, The Allah Conspiracy. His newest novel, A Whisper of War, is with his agent making the rounds of publishers; and he is currently writing two more suspense novels. In addition, he has written four screenplays that have won or placed in many national contests. One of his screenplays was optioned for film.

He lives in Columbus, Ohio. As the Vice President of the real estate subsidiary of a Fortune 500 corporation, he traveled widely in the US and abroad. A native of Chicago, he earned a BA in History and Russian Area Studies and a graduate degree from the University of Illinois. He has been active in politics and numerous civic organizations over the years, and served as a company commander in the US Army. When he is not writing, he focuses his time on landscape oil painting and golf. He has traveled widely in Russia, Germany, the Caribbean, England, Ireland, Scotland, Poland, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Italy, Austria, Egypt, and Israel.

My Review:
William Brown is one of my new favorite suspense thriller authors! Yep. That’s right. I am now happy to say that Mr. Brown is among the authors that instantly suck me into a story that takes me on a fast paced, chills and thrills roller coaster ride. And, his characters totally ROCK!

Pete Talbot. Wow. What a character. He just lost his wife and is still getting over the fact she’s not there anymore. So, what happens when he’s minding his own business, and then all of a sudden, his forced to look at his wife’s obit…printed in the CURRENT paper? But, worse….what’s he to do when he finds HIS obit next to hers? This plot line, and Pete’s character, were both absolutely FANTABULOUS! I can’t imagine what I would have done if I had seen MY obit! I’d have passed out, I’m sure.

So, now Pete is on a serious hunt to find out WHY his obit is in the paper, and why someone would dishonor his wife. As he digs deeper to get to the truth, he meets another who’s the victim of a phony obit: Sandy Kasmarek. She adds the PERFECT amount of sassy-ness to this already rocking good suspense novel! She’s a witty character who Pete can’t seem to get away from…even if he tried. She’s determined to make him see her as more than just a means to finding the truth! But, will Pete be able to leave his wife’s memory behind, and move on to a sassy, witty new woman? And will he find out the truth before he attends his own funeral for real….INSIDE the pinebox?

Watching Pete and Sandy, well, I just knew I wouldn’t be able to put this book down. The chases, the mafia, the FBI….all of it made this novel into an un-put-down-able novel that I will be reading again and again. The fact that when I sat down to read it, I had it finished in literally one day, well, that should tell you how rockin’ good this greatastic novel is! DEFINITELY a 5 Book worthy thrilling suspense read and I highly suggest you get this for yourself, or any other suspense lover you know! I can’t wait to go back and read more of Mr. Brown’s work.

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