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Title:The Marsburg Diary
Author:Chris White
Publisher: C. P. White Media
Release Date:September 16, 2011
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Rating:4/5 Books

About the Book:
Harvey Marsburg, son of the late William Marsburg, is reading through his deceased father’s long-lost diary. At first, Harv is annoyed at the peculiarities of his father, irritated that he has to uncover old wounds by reading this old book. But he finds to his amazement that his father might not actually have been mad. In fact it appears that William may have been nearly 150 years old when he died in 1977. Now his body lies decomposing in a Yorkshire mausoleum, but his legacy lives on. Harvey reads cryptic notes from the executor: “May your father rest in peace. He deserves it.” Something watches him from the darknesses of his house as he reads the diary with growing interest. Plus, there are two other books in that old trunk that the foundation sent. One of them, he could swear it, is calling to him…

About the Author:
Chris White grew up living on an old San Francisco city bus that was converted to an RV, living in almost every state of the Union. He spent most of childhood learning how to make fast friends, reading books and doing heroic skids on his coaster-brake bike. He spent most of adolescence playing the trumpet and being a total nerd, building lots and lots of plastic models. He tried college for a couple years, but interrupted that with four years of service as an infantryman in the U.S. Marines. He finished college later, but the Marines taught him far more. He met his wife in Idaho and then spent six months in South Africa with her shortly after they were married. He’s tried being a truck driver, bicycle mechanic, executive recruiter, drummer in a rock band and call center robot, but he’s always, always been a writer—which he only just realized a few years ago. He has two boys and lives with his family in Idaho.
My Review:
Do you like suspense? Do you like a good,  gripping read? Then I suggest that you look no further than the fantastic author, Chris White’s The Marsburg Diary. I’m talking about phenomenal. I read Chris White’s Airel (co-authored by Aaron Patterson), a YA novel that is worth every minute spent reading it, and I loved it. So, when the opportunity arose to review another Chris White book, I didn’t hesitate to jump on it. I was definitely in for a wonderful surprise!

This story is a mix of intriguing suspense, twistful ups and downs, and wonderful characters. Upon the death of his father William Marsburg, Harvey Marsburg decides to sit down and open the pages of his father’s diary. What he finds there will transport him to another place in time and take him on a whirl wind rollercoaster ride. From danger to craziness, Harvey’s trip through his father’s diary is absolutely intriguing and unforgettable.

Though this could be read as a stand alone, I truly recommend that you read this following Airel. William Marsburg is linked in Airel’s Story.

So, I most definitely recommend this 4 Book worthy, two thumbs up novel to everyone. You will be  takend on a twistful, page turning adventure through a crazy man’s diary. What will be among the pages? Well, get a copy NOW, sit back and enjoy the work of Chris White. You will become an instant fan and stay hooked for life. Well done, Chris!

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