Short Story Review: Dream Me To Death by April Pohren

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Title:Dream Me To Death
Author:April Pohren
Publisher:Trestle Press
Release Date:August 10,2011
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Rating:5/5 Books

About the Book:
Sandy has a perfectly normal life. A house that she loves, a job that she loves and nothing but a bright future ahead of her. All that changes, however, when unexplainable things begin to happen to her. Nightmares of unspeakable terror grip her and what occurs within those dreams, cross over onto real life. Will she be able to survive the grip of death within her dreams, or will the dreams win?

Dream Me to Death is a mix of paranormal and horror sure to hold readers at the edge of their seat until the very end.

About the Author:
April Pohren has been an avid reader and aspiring writer since she was old enough to hold a pencil and could read. This passion turned into the venture of her book review blog Cafe of Dreams Book Reviews where she shares many books of varying genres, author interviews, guest posts, book reviews, Virtual Tours and several of other fun things. The newest adventure has been becoming a Tour Coordinator for Partners In Crime Tours. Dream Me to Death is April’s first digital short to be published with Trestle Press.

When not reading, reviewing and writing, April works as a freelance writer in between refereeing her two young children and preventing them from doing bodily harm to one another. April resides in Iowa with her husband, two children, three dogs and two cats. Yes, never a dull moment.

My Review:
So, I sat down to read this story….it wasn’t a long read by any means…just 14 pages. But, I must confess. By the end of the story, I did NOT want to go to sleep! This story was AWESOMETASTIC and filled from first page to last page with ups, downs, twists, turns, paranormal horror, and had me wishing I had another one just like as soon as I finished it.

April Pohren created Sandy’s character with an intensity that makes her absolutely believable. Every thought, every emotion, every bit of pain that Sandy felt in this story was MY thought, MY emotion, MY pain…it’s just THAT gripping.

I could sit here and tell you what the story is about exactly, but that won’t be fun for you will it? You might as well not buy it to read, huh? So, that good. I won’t tell you everything. Go grab your own copy.

Yep. Grab your own. It’s worth it. You will be looking over your shoulder, and every shadow you see will be something out of the normal, every sound you hear will make you jump. This 5 Book worthy short story collection is best read in the day….before you go to sleep….before you dream your death……. Can’t wait for the next one, April!

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