PUYB Tour&Review:Perfectly Crazy by Mitzi Penzes

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Title:Perfectly Crazy
Author:Mitzi Penzes
Publisher:New Year Publishing
Release Date:September 1, 2011
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Rating:2/5 Books

About the Book:
Sexy, stylish and successful, Nell always prided herself on her common sense. So why is she suddenly crazy for David, her married best friend of twenty years? With a single kiss, Nell s perfect Californian life turns upside down. All the safety of her well-adjusted marriage to a respected plastic surgeon and her growing fashion business pale in comparison to the passion experienced in that kiss. Can she go on as before, or will she make the biggest change of her life? Will she face disaster and tragedy, or perhaps adventure and a second chance? Or possibly both? Find out from this fast paced book where the sceneries are changing as fast as the movies. Life is full of surprises and challenges that anyone would call perfectly crazy yet they may become reality one day. Or will they?

About the Author:
Mitzi Penzes grew up in Hungary, where she trained and practiced as a neurologist. She has lived in the US for the last twenty-five years, where she pursued a career in lab management before becoming an entrepreneur. She lives with her son, husband, and cat in Napa, California.

My Review:
So, I took the plunge to review this book. It sounded good. It really did. I was super excited to get the chance to read this. But…….yup. There’s a BIG but there. It fell short for me. Yes, Mitzi’s writing style is great. She really is a truly talented author. However, the plot line of being perfectly crazy to be perfectly in love, ended up not being one of my favorites. I truly hate to give a negative review, but sometimes, there’s just no way around it.

Nell and David’s characters were well formed, however, the way they went about their feelings for each, really hit me the wrong way. I think they should have taken a more sensitive approach to their mates feelings as well as their own. They jumped in it too fast, in my opinion.

There wasn’t enough of a build up to their thoughts and feelings about each other. Sure, they’ve been friends for 20 years but the intensity could have been deeper. When Nell’s husband Jack dies, there is suspicion around the events of his death, so Penzes incorporates a bit of suspense to the story….I did enjoy that element.

Over all, I have to say that, in my personal opinion, this is a 2 Book worthy story. It is a fast read, as it’s described, and I had it finished in the course of a couple of hours, but it still didn’t jump at me. With that said, I do still encourage you to give Ms. Penzes work a try. There are readers out there who may not agree with me, and may fall in love with the story. Ms. Penzes does show her talent with creating her characters and making them life like, and I think it just may be the story line in this one that didn’t catch me. I was a victim of infidelity, so that may have hit me wrong. I would like to see another piece of Ms. Penzes’ work in the future, as maybe I will find one that catches me.

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