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Title:Kiss Of Night
Author:Debbie Viguie
Series:Kiss Trilogy, #1
Release Date:October 7,2011
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Rating:5/5 Books

About the Book:
Centuries ago, Raphael was a blasphemous knight who fought in the Crusades purely for his own mercenary benefit, and to satisfy his taste for killing. Now, condemned for his evil passions and hypocrisy, he wanders the earth a vampire, cursed with first-hand knowledge of the supernatural world he once denied existed. The powerful relic he still possesses from his days as a Crusader has been stolen by a rival vampire who has recruited an army of soulless underlings to aid him in spreading evil. At the time he learns this, Raphael has been hunting this vampire for nearly a century, and it seems the final battle is destined to take place in Prague.

For help in this quest, Raphael must enlist the aid of two humans, David and Susan, who suddenly find themselves immersed in a world they never imagined, entangled with supernatural forces they can’t control. Susan, in particular, finds herself conflicted as she struggles with her inexplicable attraction to Raphael. In the end, both Susan and Raphael will be called upon to exercise courage and faith, and in the process, the question What would happen if a vampire truly accepted God? is answered.

About the Author:
Debbie Viguié is the New York Times Bestselling author of over a dozen novels including the Wicked series and the new Crusade series co-authored with Nancy Holder. Much of Debbie’s writing has a dark edge to it, including her retold fairy tales, her latest being Violet Eyes, a retelling of The Princess and the Pea. In addition to her epic dark fantasy work Debbie also writes thrillers including The Psalm 23 Mysteries and the upcoming Kiss trilogy. When Debbie isn’t busy writing she enjoys spending time with her husband, Scott, visiting theme parks. They live in Florida with their cat, Shrödinger.

My Review:
Debbie Viguie is a wonderfully talented author. I was excited for the opportunity to review this new Christian fiction novel, excited that it was another new approach incorporating Vampires into the Christian realm. I was super pleased with the results and what I read!

Ralph and Susan were wonderfully created characters. Viguie added an intense depth to both of them, really making them pull the reader into the heart of the story. A story of redemption, in a world of evil; a story of unlikely love between two totally opposite souls.

The idea behind a vampire being redeemed for his sins, is absolutely awesome. Why? Simply because in the world today there is so much turmoil about sins and evilness, and who God will redeem. The fact that God will redeem ANYONE, really makes this story ring true.

Watching Ralph make himself known to Susan, in order to help find her cousin Wendy, was awesome. Susan didn’t know whether to trust him, and really, I would have been the same way. Seeing them work together, seeing their interactions, really brought the story to life for me. It really would make an AWESOME movie! When Ralph and Susan set out to help each, one searching for family, one searching to end the evil, Viguie adds the twist of mystery to the reader. Why? Because Susan’s ancestors are connected to that evilness, connected to the Vampires of the past.  It REALLY keeps the reader hooked, turning page after page, long into the night to see what would happen next, both TO Ralph and Susan, and BETWEEN Ralph and Susan.

Again, I’m still so new to this vampire settings, but I really enjoyed this new novel. And the best part? It’s the first in a new trilogy! YAY! I loved being sucked into the heart of this story, being able to walk beside Susan as she went in search of the truth, and beside Ralph as he set out to help God rid the world of evil. A truly powerful story of faith, love, hope, and redemption, this comes with my highest recommendation! You’ll love every aspect of this story, especially if you love romance and vampires! A high 5 Book worthy novel! I can’t WAIT for book two, Kiss of Revenge, to release next year….it is truly one that I know will be my most anticipated read for next year. I’m loving this vampire thing! COOLNESS! Wonderful job, Ms. Viguie!

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