PUYB Tour&Review: The Lonely Mile by Allan Leverone

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Title:The Lonely Mile
Author:Allan Leverone
Publisher:StoneHouse Ink
Release Date:July 18,2011
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Rating:5 Books

About the Book:
When struggling hardware store owner Bill Ferguson stumbles upon a kidnapping in progress, he does what we all like to believe we would do – he steps in and breaks up the crime, saving a young girl from a horrific fate.

The perpetrator, a serial kidnapper/murderer known as the I-90 Killer, escapes and vows revenge, focusing his twisted obsession on Ferguson’s family. When Bill’s daughter disappears soon after, the frantic father forms an uneasy alliance with a beautiful FBI investigator leading the search for the I-90 Killer.

But there are forces at play which go much deeper than Ferguson realizes, and the danger may go far beyond one kidnapped girl. Bill Ferguson knows he must risk everything to save his child – the question is, will he be too late?

About the Author:
Allan Leverone is a three-time Derringer Award finalist as well as a 2011 Pushcart Prize nominee for his short fiction. The Lonely Mile, released by StoneHouse Ink in July, is Allan’s second thriller, following Final Vector from Medallion Books in February. He has been hailed as “the successor to Michael Crichton” by bestselling author Vincent Zandri, and bestselling author Scott Nicholson calls The Lonely Mile “a taut crime drama full of twists and conspiracy.”

Learn more about Allan at his website at www.allanleverone.com.

Visit his Facebook page at www.facebook.com/allan.leverone

My Review:
So, I’ve had a total of 3 Allan Leverone’s books on my Nook for some time now. Why I haven’t gotten around to reading them yet is beyond me. After reading on of them, The Lonely Mile, I must confess that I am a sad, sad person. Why? Because Allan Leverone’s writing ROCKS! Yes, siree, it does! It rocks so much that if this book wasn’t so long, I’d go back and read it again just because I can’t believe how gripping it was! WOW!

So, another one of those kidnapper/hostage stories with a hero, and bam it’s over, that we’ve all read a million times over in some way or another. Right? WRONG! This story is so much more than that kidnapper/hostage story. It’s serial killer. It’s revengeful. It’s heart pounding, blood pumping, edge of your seat, white knuckling awesomeness.

Martin Krall, the I-90 Killer. Now THAT’S a character I enjoyed reading about. No I don’t have some sick twisted mind for liking the villain who kidnaps, kills, and a number of other sick twisted things, but I really did enjoy the intensity of his character and the passion in which Leverone put forth in creating Krall’s villainous personality.

But, then again, I absolutely LOVED the way Leverone formed Bill Ferguson and his daughter Carli. Both are PERFECT for their roles as victims and heroes. The way Bill stood up for his daughter and would do anything to protect her was absolutely incredible. It really added the breathtaking, intense action of hunting down the hunter.

I want nothing more than to keep going, and get into the plot of the killings, the kidnappings, the…..well, I’ll stop there. My nickname when I was young was motor mouth, and of course, I can have “motor fingers” and give the plot away if I don’t stop.

I will tell you this right now: GET A COPY! If you love the intense thrills of feeling like you’re inside a movie, chasing a killer, running from a killer, protecting loved ones, then THIS is THE book for you. You’ll fall in love with the gripping way Leverone can pull his readers, new and old, into the heart of the story and make you feel like you’re the main character. Like you’re the one that has to look over your shoulder. AWESOME 5 Books worthy novel that I can’t wait to go back and read again and again. Looking forward to more of Mr. Leverone’s works! GREATASTIC job, Allan!

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