PUYB Tour&Review: Glazier by Bri Clark

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Author:Bri Clark
Release Date:July 12, 2011
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Rating:5 Books

About the Book:
Marie Kincaid is devastated after losing her family in a violent crash…so she runs. One morning, she awakes in an infirmary with total memory loss and a new power: Glazier. The cold frozen mists of Glazier’s instincts enable Marie to embark on a new life free of pain but most importantly free of the past. Heightened senses, accelerated strength,speed, and learning abilities make Marie a perfect candidate to be a spy…also a perfect companion for Henry Tenison, the only other known Glazier.

 Henry, a loner and proud rogue finds his world upended when his connection to Marie is forged. Unsure of how to progress, he endeavors to keep it strictly professional. As far away missions and romantic surroundings entice him into pursuing his deeper desires, he caves. However, Marie’s love changes everything.

Determined to free them both of the spy world and the hold Glazier has over their lives, Henry implements a plot to disappear. However, when things become dangerous in their latest mission and memories of Marie’s past surface suggesting another man…will Henry’s efforts come too late? If Marie remembers her past, will she still want their future?

About the Author:
Bri Clark is a real example of redemption and renewal. Growing penniless in the South, Bri learned street smarts while caring for her brother in a broken home. She watched her mother work several jobs to care for their small family. Once her brother could fend for himself, Bri moved on to a series of bad choices including leaving school and living on her own. Rebelliousness was a strong understatement to describe those formative years. As a teenager, her wakeup call came from a fight with brass knuckles and a judge that gave her a choice of shaping up or spending time in jail. She took that opportunity and found a way to moved up from the streets. She ended up co-owning an extremely successful construction business. She lived the high life until the real estate crash when she lost everything. She moved west and found herself living with her husband and 4 kids in a 900 square foot apartment. She now fills her time, writing, blogging, leading a group of frugal shoppers and sharing her southern culture. Her unique background gives her writing a raw sensibility. She understands what it takes to overcome life’s obstacles. She often tells friends, “I can do poor. I’m good at poor. It’s prosperity that I’m not used to.” Bri and her husband Chris live in Boise. Bri is known as the Belle of Boise for her true southern accent, bold demeanor and hospitable nature.

Bri boasts several positions in the publishing industry. An author, professional reviewer, blogger, and author platform consultant she enjoys all aspects of her career from the creation of story to the branding and marketing needed to make her books successful.

 Her latest book is Glazier, a romantic fantasy adventure novel with espionage, genetic powers, underground bases and a ginger beauty with memory issues that take you on a ride that begins in Vermont and comes to a head in Egypt.

 You can find out more about Bri at https://briclarkthebelleofboise.blogspot.com/.

My Review:
Okay. So, for those who don’t know it yet, I’m not a big fan of fantasy or paranormal novels. BUT, that being said, I will review them from time to time if they really call to me. Bri Clark’s Glazier did that so I was happy to participate in the blog tour for this one. And, once again, I was pleasantly surprised!

Now, I won’t go into big long detail over this novel. If I do, I will talk on and on about all that I loved about it, and in the end, will end up spoiling the story for everyone who hasn’t read it yet. So, I will say this: this novel is AWESOME. It’s my first Bri Clark novel, and after being friends with her on Facebook for awhile and seeing her funny,friendly personality, I knew that this would be one novel that I would fall in love with out side of my normal genres.

And fall in love, I most certainly did. I fell in love with Bri’s writing style. I fell in love with the plot line. While paranormal-ish fantasy the plot line really came to life for me. I fell in love with Henry and Marie. Such amazing and passionately created characters that fit their roles flawlessly. Both these wonderful characters have issues that aren’t like anyone else’s. Marie is slowly remembering her painful past, and realizing she has abilities that are way above the norm.

Henry is falling for Marie, and worried that she’ll remember her family. So, he holds her in his heart, but distantly in the flesh. Henry, too, is different and above the norm, than most people. So, Marie is extra special to him. But, neither can deny the growing attraction between them.

This is a wonderful story of love, secrets, moving on, and fantasy. Bri Clark is super talented, and has just become one of my favorite authors! I look forward to going back and reading her past works, as well as more Glazier series novels! This one is definitely a beyond 5 Books worthy novel and I can’t wait to recommend it to EVERYONE! Well done, Bri!

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