PUYB Tour Review:Illusion of Certainty by Greg Messel

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Title:Illusion of Certainty
Author:Greg Messel
Publisher:Yorkshire Publishing
Release Date:July 20,2011
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Rating:5 Books

About the Book:
Illusion of Certainty follows two parallel storylines. Marc is a successful businessman who seems to have everything—a great job, a beautiful wife, a house in an upscale neighborhood of Portland, Oregon and two great kids who are preparing for college. But something is not right. Marc is unsettled by the sudden change in his wife, Aimee, who seems distant and unhappy. What’s going on with her?

The second storyline involves a successful young attorney, Alexandra Mattson. Alex, as she is called by her friends, meets a handsome young cop, Sean, during an unexpected crisis in her neighborhood. Sean and Alex seem made for each other and begin to merge their futures in a world of uncertainty.

The only certainty in life is that we will face uncertainty. Despite all fo the technology and controls available in the modern world, sometimes the only comfort comes from the human touch.

About the Author:
Greg Messel has written three novels and three unpublished memoirs. He published his premiere novel “Sunbreaks” in 2009, followed by “Expiation” in 2010 and “The Illusion of Certainty” in 2011. Greg has had a newspaper career as a columnist, sportswriter and news editor. He won a Wyoming Press Association Award as a columnist. Greg also spent many years in the corporate world as a Financial Manager. He now devotes his energies to writing at his home in Edmonds, Washington on the Puget Sound just north of Seattle, where he lives with his wife, Carol.

You can visit his website at www.gregmessel.com.

My Review:
The illusion of certainty. That’s something to really sit down and think about after reading Greg Messel’s novel. You know. Things aren’t always what they seem. That’s what Greg Messel hits his readers with in this fantastic new novel. I haven’t read his other works, but boy was this beyond phenomenal to me! I was instantly captured by his writing style, taken on a whirlwind ride, and set down in a place to just think and reflect on what I just read. WOW.

Marc and Aimee. LOVED their characters. Marc is in love with his wife, Aimee. Aimee, well, she’s pulling away from Marc and he doesn’t understand why. But, when Marc sees something he wasn’t meant to see, things aren’t what he thought. What went wrong?

Alex and Sean. Another great couple. I loved Sean from the get go, and Alex complimented his character well. Watching them grow in their feelings for each other was amazing. I think Sean was my favorite character out of this entire story. I love Marc and Aimee but Sean, well, there was just something about a cop that pulls to me.

Not only were these characters amazingly created, this story itself spoke so many volumes. Being swept away to two different worlds, two different couples’ lives was breath taking, as we watch them embrace their lives; watch them open their eyes to the real world of their relationships. This is an unforgettable 5 Book worthy novel that I highly recommend to all. It will open your eyes to the reality of nothing is always what it seems. Sometimes, we have the illusion of perfection but in reality, well, it’s not so great; or,that we have the illusion of not so great when in reality, everything we need or want is perfectly fine and right in front of us. FANTASTIC romantic fiction that sweeps you away and opens your heart to a new way of thinking!

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