Book Review: Treasuring Emma by Kathleen Fuller

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Emma has put everyone else first in her life. Now at nearly 25, has she missed her chance at marriage?
Emma was Adam’s first love but circumstances made them both choose different paths in life. Emma’s heart breaks all over again when Adam returns to the Amish community of Middlefield, Ohio, years later.

For the past ten years, Emma has been a care-giver. First for her mother who unsuccessfully battled breast cancer, and now for her grandmother who gets more frail with each passing year. Emma has always put the needs of others above her own. With more time on her hands, she determines to focus on herself and her dream of opening a rescue shelter for stray animals in the community.

With Adam’s return come feelings Emma’s long buried. They’re older and life hasn’t turned out the way they thought it would. Adam’s feelings for Emma are stronger than ever, but will he be able to convince her to put the past aside and give their love a chance?

About the Author:
Kathleen Fuller is the author of the bestselling novel A Man of His Word and An Honest Love. When she’s not writing, she enjoys traveling and spending time with her family and farm pets.

Molly’s Review:
Okay. So those who know me, know I am absolutely addicted to Amish novels. I love young adult Amish, adult Amish, Amish romance, Amish mystery, Amish cooking……anything Amish, I love it. And, when it comes to Amish authors, there are just a few that I absolutely wholly love, and Ms. Fuller is one of them. She creates amazing characters, blends them with a backdrop of scenes that pop to life and throws her fans stories that you won’t soon forget.

Emma and Adam’s characters are both full of life and fit their roles perfectly. Their story is one of a love from the past, lives leading them separate and then a change brings them back together once again. The rush of feelings that come of you as you see Adam and Emma battle their feelings is almost overwhelming, but well worth it when you reach the last page.

This first book in Ms. Fuller’s Middlefield Family series is a perfect start to a collection that will be on my bookshelf for years to come. If you love Amish, simple living and lots of God guided romance, then you need to read Ms. Fuller’s Treasuring Emma…….Well done, Ms. Fuller!

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