Revell Blog Tour&Review: Amish Values For Your Family by Suzanne Woods Fisher

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Title:Amish Values For Your Family
Author:Suzanne Woods Fisher
Publisher:Revell Books
Release Date:August 2011
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Rating:5 Books

When it comes to strong families that know how to truly enjoy life together, there is much we can learn from the Amish. Just how do they establish such strong family bonds, such deeply held values, and such wonderful family traditions? In Amish Values for Your Family, bestselling author Suzanne Woods Fisher shares the secrets of Amish family life. In this inspiring and practical book, you will meet real Amish families that are a lot like yours. Through their stories you’ll discover how to

slow down
safeguard family time
raise children who stand strong in their faith
prioritize what’s truly important

Amish values like community, forgiveness, simple living, obedience, and more can be your family legacy–without selling your car or changing your wardrobe.

Author Bio:
Suzanne Woods Fisher is the bestselling author of The Choice, The Waiting, The Search, and A Lancaster County Christmas, as well as nonfiction books about the Amish, including Amish Peace. Her interest in the Anabaptist cultures can be directly traced to her grandfather, W. D. Benedict, who was raised in the Old Order German Baptist Brethren Church in Franklin County, Pennsylvania. Benedict eventually became publisher of Christianity Today magazine. Suzanne is the host of an internet radio show called Amish Wisdom, and her work has appeared in many magazines. She lives in California.

My Review:
I love the Amish. I often comment to my mother that I would LOVE to become Amish. She always laughs and tells me that I couldn’t live without my cell or my blogging. And, of course, she’s right. But, Suzanne Woods Fisher teaches us the simple life is attainable right here, right now, by applying Amish values to your life and everyday living.

I loved the book. In fact, it’s one that I am reading over and over again. My mom and I are enjoying it immensely. This amazing little book is a quick read, but it’s packed to over flowing with amazing things from the Amish. From taking things from the Amish, such as faith, and love, Suzanne has put it into a book that will teach you how to live simply, and happily. Sure you can still have your cell, and your computers, but by applying the concepts and beliefs of the Amish, things can be easier in life.

I definitely recommend this book to everyone with a high flying 5 Book rating. You’ll learn about Amish experiences, about the difference in cultures and their faith. Among the pages, Suzanne takes the Amish Proverbs and lists them, and then follows them up with the peace and serenity that the Amish live by. A fantastic Amish non-fiction book that should be read by everyone!

Available August 2011 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group

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