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I’m welcoming another author here on the blog today…let’s give a warm welcome to Michael Martel, author of Get Er Done!

Getting Epic Results
By Michael Martel
Back in my Special Forces days, they trained us to think on our feet. You had to be able to quickly assess the situation and get results. Sometimes it was a matter of life or death.
We used to do detailed mission planning. SF teams are isolated away from outside distractions for days in order to devise the detailed plans for their missions. In most cases, things were different when you hit the ground. The intelligence wasn’t quite correct, the map was wrong or the pilot dropped you off in the wrong location.
There wasn’t any time for pointing fingers.
You had to move forward and get it done. I learned the EPIC solution.
Evaluate the Situation
Plan Accordingly
Initiate Action
Consider the Results
You might be asking yourself “How can this help me in my business?”
EPIC can and should be applied for any case where you need to think on your feet. Let’s take a case where you might be asked to speak to a group of people. You plan your presentation using a PowerPoint presentation. When you show up, there is not a screen or a projector for the presentation. EPIC should kick in.
Evaluate the situation. What is available? Is there a whiteboard? Is there a flipchart? Can I get copies made and handed out?
Plan accordingly. Once you have the facts of what is and what isn’t, come up with a quick revised plan. Don’t waste time complaining or arguing about what should be.
Initiate action. Do what you came for, give the presentation. Keep your main purpose in mind. It may not look what you thought it would, but does it meet the objectives. In this case, you wanted to get your message out. Present using a flipchart, highlighting the main points of your presentation.
Finally as you take action gauge the results of the new plan. Is it meeting the ultimate objective? Is your audience showing interest in your presentation? Are they responding in positive body language. If you are not getting the results you want, drop back into EPIC and make the necessary changes.
EPIC is a great system to keep in mind as you go through your daily life, both business and personal. Remember the best laid plans are only that, plans. Everything changes. We had a motto in Special Forces just for this – Improvise, Adapt, Overcome.

Michael Martel was barely eighteen when he walked into the Army recruiter’s office in his hometown of Dayton, Ohio. He told him he wanted to see the world. He satisfied Michael’s wish and sent him to Berlin, Germany where he had a great time in the “Divided City.” There began his love of travel. All together he spent a total of thirteen years living in Germany, traveling around Europe, the Middle East and Africa. His Army career spanned just over twenty years. spending time as an infantryman, paratrooper and Green Beret.

After the Army he moved onto technology. He worked as a computer security expert keeping extremely sensitive information safe from hackers. He earned a Bachelors and Masters of Science in Information Technology and Business Management along the way.
Michael was recognized for his leadership, knowledge and ability to work with people. Very soon, he was moved into the executive ranks and led large business divisions.
Always on the lookout for a challenge, He discovered he had a gift for coaching. From the experiences, both in the military and in corporate world he has a lot to give back. His real world leadership experience combined with his technical education and skill give him an unique ability to work with other leaders to help them achieve success.
Throughout his life, he has done the hard stuff, experienced what works, and has the skills to get the job done, whatever it is.
Michael’s latest book is Get Er Done.
You can visit Michael Martel’s website at www.mikemartel.com.  Connect with Michael at Facebook at www.facebook.com/michael.martel or Twitter at www.twitter.com/MichaelMartel.

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