WOW Blog Tour Part 2: ♥Making Your Dream a Reality♥ Guest Post by Melissa Foster

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Please welcome Melissa Foster to Reviews By Molly today! 

Making Your Dream A Reality, by Melissa Foster

Snow was falling outside the window, my two young boys were sleeping upstairs, and these images came to me like a recurring dream; a mother sitting poolside, her daughter playing beside her, and the feeling of freedom whisking through the air like a breeze—freedom from a marriage unraveled. Those are the images and the sensations that first sent me running to my computer. There was a story in my head vying for release. That was in 1991. Fast forward many years, and several children, later, and here I am—a full-time author.

I have craved writing since that bitter winter afternoon, when I began poking away at my IBM Thinkpad balancing in my lap on a chair in our guestroom. That particular story has yet to be written, but it opened a door for many more to develop.

Writing is a curious, and solitary, process for me. I can write just about anywhere with a window and a radio. For the most part, though, I must be alone. I sometimes act out my scenes several times before finding just the right emotions to portray. I talk to myself, urging myself to think harder, be more creative, give the readers what will make them want to turn the page. Sometimes I feel a little like a crazy person, alone in the room, arguing story points, or telling myself that my book won’t stink, and to keep writing. Other times, I feel like the wind has taken a hold of my mind and thoughts stream smoothly onto the page.

As the mother to six children, I write when my children are in school. They’re my biggest cheerleaders and my greatest critics. Children aren’t afraid to tell you exactly what they think, “That line stinks, Mom!” They’re also a source of encouragement and storylines.

Many people want to know how my life has changed since publishing MEGAN’S WAY and CHASING AMANDA. I spend more time sitting in front of a computer. I have terrific readers who send me interesting questions, invite me to meet with their book clubs, and many who have become my very closest friends. My life, although busy with book tours, marketing, and writing of my third novel, COME BACK TO ME, and my fourth (in progress) SHADES OF GRAY, is full. I still get nervous when I meet a new reader—I never know if readers will like my work or not, but it’s always worth the nail biting moments. One thing never changes. I always, without fail, feel like the luckiest woman alive as I’m crafting my stories. I’m doing something that brings happiness to me, and entertainment to readers. I’m giving back, and for that, every moment, good and bad, is a blessing.
Fantastic post, Melissa! Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to more work by you! 

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