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Let’s welcome L.L. Reaper to REVIEWS BY MOLLY today!

Do you remember the first book you fell in love with? I do. It was Lambert the Sheepish Lion, a children’s book about a lamb who had adopted this lion cub and raised him as her own. He grew up to be shy and easy to push around, that is until his mother was in danger, then he was no longer sheepish. My mom would read that story to me over and over. She probably hates it now.

When I was in Junior High, my reading taste changed a slight bit. I read a lot of murder mystery, but fell in love with this book called The Assistant by Bernard Malamud. With as many times as I’ve read that book, I barely remember what it was about. I guess when I graduated high school, I did a major core-dump of everything.

Then I hit my college years and discovered science-fiction. Let me clarify that. Isaac Asimov. I couldn’t read enough of his work. I’d read other sci-fi authors, but found few whose work I enjoyed as much.

I was a romance snob. Wouldn’t touch the stuff. My sister gave me a few to read when I was in my mid-twenties, and I was hooked. I think I went five or six years straight only reading romance. But then I discovered J. D. Robb. I’d read many Nora Roberts books, but hadn’t heard of her as J.D. Robb. These books seemed to mix many of the elements I liked into one. I’d get murder mystery, Sci-fi, and romance all rolled up into one.

What has your evolution as a reader looked like? I read it all now and it’s been a fun trip. There are certain books that I get a craving for every year and reread.

About the time I discovered J. D. Robb I began writing. And guess what? I wrote mixing genres. Not a big mix. Just a hint here and there. My first mainstream fiction book had romantic elements and my subsequent nine romance books weren’t traditional romances.

Just as I’ve evolved as a reader, I’ve evolved as an author. I’ve evolved so much that I now have a second half . L. L. Reaper is actually two authors writing under a pseudonym. I’m half of the team. The reading and writing my partner and I have done over the years has influenced our Dangerously Sexy Suspense series, Black Widow and the Sandman. When we initially began plotting out the book, we had to decide if we would make it a straight suspense/thriller or incorporate other genres (just a hint here and there). In the end… Well I guess I shouldn’t tell you the end. I should let you read it for yourself.

L.L. Reaper is two multi-published, award-winning authors who decided to write under a pen name for their dangerously sexy suspense series, Black Widow and the Sandman. You can visit their website at www.llreaper.com or connect with them at Twitter at www.twitter.com/llreaper and Facebook at www.facebook.com/AuthorLLReaper

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