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Publication Date: May 13,2011
Source:Provided for review by the author for PumpUpYourBook (My FTC Disclaimer)
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The publishing world keeps on changing and, now more than ever, it is important for authors to have a presence on the internet.

But where do you start?

So You Want to Write a Guest Post is an easy to follow guide that will help you connect to bloggers and to write guest posts that get potential readers interested in your book.


When Words Count: The Importance of Word Count in Your Post
In my work as a virtual book tour coordinator, I have seen some weird and strange things, but the thing that most often perplexes me is the length of guest posts.
The shortest guest post I have ever seen was about thirty words long. The longest? Easily topped 1500 words.
When you’re writing a guest post, remember that your posts reflect on you and even more strongly on your book. If you go too long and bore the readers, readers will assume your writing is long-winded and boring as well. If your post is too short, you risk insulting your host and the readers.
Yes, word count truly is that important. Many people aren’t aware of the many statistics out there showing how post length affects reader response.
The ‘golden range’ for almost any post – guest or otherwise – is 250 to 500 words. Given that the average reader’s attention span falls greatly the closer you get to 500, you’d do best shooting closer to 250 mark.

Author Bio:
Jaime McDougall is a citizen of the world, currently loving life in beautiful country Victoria in Australia. She loves eating sushi, kidnapping her husband and naming her pets in honour of science fiction authors. (So far, a cat named Asimov and a puppy named Brin.)

A love of fiction has always coursed through her veins and she told stories as a child even before she knew how to write them. Settling into one genre was never her style and she has plans for novels in women’s fiction, urban fantasy and more – all with a touch of romance.

She has been published in Chicken Soup for the Soul: High School: The Real Deal and Chicken Soup for the Soul: Campus Chronicles. She has also enjoyed writing a column called ‘The New Australian’ in local newspapers as well as various articles online.

Her fiction work and poetry has been published both online and off in places including The Oddville Press (no longer running) and The Filth zine.

So You Want to Write a Guest Post is her first ebook.

**Note From The Author: Due to the thoughtful, wonderful reviewers on this tour, there will be a revised edition of ‘So You Want to Write a Guest Post’ coming out in August**

My Review:

It’s truly hard to write a “long” review of a 31 page book. So, I won’t try to force things in the review to make it long. I will simply say this: if you are an author, this is a good “tool” to use. It truly brings out the best way possible to create a guest post and promote that guest post all through the web. Jamie McDougall is someone who I have worked with through Virtual Book Tours and she is very professional and good at what she does. So, though I am NOT an author, I wanted to see what her work was like and help her promote her book. I am happy to say that this is well written, gives great advice, is easy to understand and includes extras, like how to create the host email, what to include in that email and so many other things. This is a helpful 4 star little book that won’t take long to read, has lots of great suggestions and I totally recommend it to all. And, actually, it’s good for those who aren’t authors. If you are asked to write a guest post on another person’s blog, grab a $.99 copy of this neat little book and be on your way to a successful guest post! Great job, Jaime!  

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