PUYB Blog Tour&Review: Inherit The Throne by Steve DeWinter

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About the Book:
Some lines should never be crossed.

Living under a new identity in the tiny Northwestern tourist town at the base of Mount Hood, Melissa thought she had finally escaped her past. That is until an assassin tries to kill her and forces her back into a treacherous shadow world she vowed never to return.

That same night an unmanned robotic SUV slams into the limousine of the Vice President of the United States and detonates with several hundred pounds of explosives. Melissa soon discovers that the attack on the Vice President and the attempt on her own life are related.

And time is running out to find out who wants her dead and why she alone holds the key to saving the President of the United States.

About the Author:
I was born and grew up loving to read. But enough about me; you’re here for my books. If you like super-charged thrillers that merge high-tech gadgetry with ancient mythology and pit the outcast against powerful
clandestine organizations, you are among friends.

My goal as a writer is to transport you to fresh and exciting worlds that not only take you on a white-knuckle ride but leave you hungry for more when you finally turn that last page and reluctantly slam shut the back cover of the book.

This is my promise to you the reader.

I will continue to satisfy your never-ending desire for more. So keep reading!
When one story ends, another begins.

To find out more about Steve visit www.stevedw.com

My Review:
So, by now, you all know that I absolutely LOVE thrillers. Any kind. Anything with fast paced, blood pumping, edge of your seat action, I’m hooked. Front and center. So, when I heard of this author, Steve DeWinter and his novel, Inherit The Throne, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. I had heard all the good hype about it being a great novel, and I must confess, that I whole heartedly agree with that assessment! He totally ROCKS! His action, his characters, his plot line….all of it is beyond words with what I thought of this GREAT novel!

Inherit The Throne brings us a look at Melissa Stone. Wow. What a FANTABULOUS character! She hooked me! For a debut character in a debut novel, she is one woman I wouldn’t ever want to cross! Her character, and her action, and issues, all of it was like reading a James Patterson novel. Yep, you heard me right. This debut author is right along the lines of Patterson himself. You don’t get that much with new authors now a days. But DeWinter is. He creates characters that fit the life of today’s society.

The political aspect, the crime, the suspense all flowed like a movie or TV show. It was so much more entertaining and suspenseful than anything like that though. I would much rather sit down, feel the rush of this kind of novel, than watch the same old TV dramas. They tend to repeat themselves without realizing it.

No, with DeWinter’s work, you get so many more thrills. And, after 9/11, this novel really hit home, following Alan Spark’s presidency and attempts on human lives, and really kept me turning the page to see what would happen next. Each page brought with it a new twist, and the ending. Well, let’s just say that DeWinter better hurry up with another novel! I want to see more of Melissa Stone in action!

If you are hard core thriller lover, look no further than debut novelist Steve DeWinter. I know I am now hooked on his 5 star work, and you are sure to be, too! You’ll be up late into the night, unable to put it down, as each thrill, each heart pounding event brings you close to solving the puzzle. Well done, Steve!

Purchase your copy here.

*This book was provided for review by the author and PumpUpYourBook*

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