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About the Book:

“I was sitting at the end of the bar sipping single-malt Scotch when I spotted the tall blond woman with the large green eyes and the small gray gun.”
The next thing Jake Lassiter knows, the woman pumps three bullets into the man on the next barstool.

And Jake, the linebacker-turned-lawyer, has a new client.

She’s stunning model Chrissy Bernhardt, and the dead man is her wealthy father. The defense? Chrissy claims that she’s recently recovered repressed memories of having been sexually abused by her father. Jake wants to believe her but suspects that the memories were either implanted by a shady psychiatrist or fabricated by Chrissy herself. Complicating the situation, Jake falls for his client, clouding his judgment. Is she an anguished victim or a cold-blooded killer? And what about her brother, who stands to inherit a fortune if Chrissy goes to prison? Jake wades into a quagmire of dirty water deals, big money, and family corruption, all leading to an explosive finale.

About the Author:
The author of 14 novels, Paul Levine won the John D. MacDonald fiction award and has been nominated for the Edgar, Macavity, International Thriller, and James Thurber prizes. His critically acclaimed and bestselling “Jake Lassiter” novels have been published in 21 countries. The first of the series, “To Speak for the Dead,” was named one of the top ten thrillers of the year by the Los Angeles Times, and is now a bestselling e–book. A former trial lawyer, he wrote more than 20 episodes of the CBS military drama “JAG” and co-created “First Monday,” starring James Garner and Joe Mantegna. He is also the author of the “Solomon vs. Lord” series and the thriller “Illegal.” His next novel will be “Lassiter,” due in Fall 2011 from Bantam. https://www.paul-levine.com

My Review:
When I read a thrilling suspense novel, I want one that will keep me on the edge of my seat, make my heart pump, and keep my mind thinking as to the whys and whats of the story. This book, by a fantastic author, is one that did all those things and so much more. When Paul Levine created Jake Lassiter and this kind of story, he created it with his readers in mind. He really hooked me from chapter one, and still, days later, has me hooked on his work.

I won’t go into a lot of detail here. Other than to say that Jake Lassiter’s character is phenomenal. I mean who wouldn’t be phenomenal when they started off as a big time line backer, and decided to go all lawyer-y? Jake did. And he rocked at it. In this particular Jake Lassiter novel (yup, there’s more….nope, I haven’t read them! YES, I WILL be going back and reading the other 6 novels!), Jake is minding his own business when a beautiful young woman shoots the man (who happens to be her daddy!) next to Jake. That’s when the twists, the turns, and the ups and downs hit head on, and take the reader for an incredible ride!

Paul Levine blends suspenseful thrills, amazing and,at times, comedic characters, rolls them into a plot line that is fast paced and intense, and throws them out for unforgettable murder mystery novel. High 5 star praises, two thumbs up, and a new forever fan from this reader! I can’t wait to go back and read more about Jake Lassiter, and, hoping that this isn’t the last that we have seen of the fantastic author and his lawyer!

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*This book was provided for review by the author and PumpUpYourBook*

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