Changes are coming!!

Posted 23 July, 2011 by Molly(Cover To Cover Cafe) in / 0 Comments

Okay, it took me some LONG debate hours to come to this conclusion. I’m going to be changing some of the things I do here at my blog. Oh, it won’t be anything major. Just some minor details with the blog posts and such, like the way I do my reviews and what not. I’ll be adding things like the publisher name and a link to that and the page count and such. Making it look a little more professional looking. Things will stay the same for the most part. I may put a clickable book cover to a book I’m currently reading. I’ll be keeping the background and blog button the same, so no changes there. I’m trying to figure out if there is a feature or something like that that I’ll be adding to my page tabs at the top. Is there anything you would like to see on my blog that I don’t have already? Something I should take off????



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