[Book Review] Love Finds You in Silver City, Idaho by Janelle Mowery

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About the Book:

It’s 1869, and chaos rules Silver City. As Rebekah Weaver recovers from an accident that has left her badly burned, she worries that her father’s handsome new assistant won’t see past her scarred exterior. Deputy Marshal Nathaniel Kirkland is working undercover to investigate a series of explosions in the mines and businesses of Silver City. When ominous notes begin appearing on townspeople’s doors, Nate needs Rebekah’s help to uncover the identity of the perpetrator. As they work together, Nate begins to speculate that Rebekah’s “accident” was really a case of intentional sabotage – and that she might still be in danger.

About the Author:

Janelle Mowery is the award-winning author of two novels, with five more set to release in 2011. She and her husband of twenty-one years have two sons and make their home in Texas.

My Review:
I’m sure it won’t surprise you if I say that I LOVED this novel. It shouldn’t, since I’m a HUGE Love Finds You fan and collector. Anyway, I did. I loved it. I loved it from cover to cover and back again. Janelle Mowery completed captivated me and took me to Silver City and I found a new home amongst these beautiful characters. When I reached the end, I definitely didn’t want to say goodbye to these sweet characters.

Rebekah, well, she was my favorite character. She went through so much pain, and was scarred, yet her beauty shone through from the inside. She relied on God for everything, even when things seemed glum. Let’s not leave out her little brother Andrew aka Andy. I laughed at his antics as I pictured my own two boys while I read this book. And, Nate’s character. Wowee! I’m so glad that Janelle created his handsome, strong character for the role that he fit perfectly. He arrived in Silver City undercover, yet became uncovered by the sweet Weaver family in only a way that God could handle.

Mixed into this sweet romantic story, is a lot of twisty suspense. Things were happening to the good, hard working miners of Silver City; things the were just awful. Yet all these families trusted each other to be friends and help out in times of need. But what will Nate uncover when he’s sent to Silver City as a deputy marshall? Will it be one of the sweet people that everyone trusts? Or will something darker be behind the trouble?

Sometimes, we all just need to let God be God and trust His perfect timing, in both the good and the bad that happens. Trusting in Him will lead to all the answers we need to find out the truth of things. That message shines strongly and brightly in Janelle Mowery’s 5 star addition to the Love Finds You collection. If you are new to Love Finds You, then start right here and now with Janelle’s book. If you’re not new then please don’t hesitate to add this one to your list of books to read. It is well worth it and you will be as glad as I am that you took the time to read it!

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*This book was provided for review by the author*

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