[Book Review] Lilly’s Wedding Quilt (Patch of Heaven, Bk 2) by Kelly Long

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About the Book:
Handsome, headstrong Jacob offers Lilly his hand in marriage, but his heart belongs to someone else.

While Lilly Lapp has loved Jacob for years, she wouldn’t compete with Sarah King, the woman Jacob was determined to marry. But when Sarah marries another, Jacob spontaneously agrees to wed Lilly.

Lilly divides her time between teaching the local Amish children and caring for her widowed mother who suffers from depression. Lilly’s faith comforts her, but her heart still longs to be the sole object of Jacob’s affection.

As the days slip by, Lilly decides that hoping is too risky and vows to protect her heart. But God is subtly as work, and as winter turns to spring, their hearts awaken.

The furthest thing from Lilly’s mind is her Amish wedding quilt, a traditional gift for new brides. And the person she’d least suspect is the one making it. Like stray pieces of fabric quilted into a new design, Jacob and Lilly’s marriage begins to bind them together in ways neither expected.

About the Author:
Kelly Long is the author of Sarah’s Garden, the first novel in the Patch of Heaven series. She was born and raised in the mountains of Northern Pennsylvania. She’s been married for nearly 25 years and has five children.

My Review:
Wow! I am already an Amish lover but I must say that if I wasn’t, this book right here; this book with it’s wonderful message and sweet plot line, would have had me HOOKED on Amish novels for life. Kelly Long takes her skills as an English author and blends them with her knowledge of the Amish, to create a novel for her readers that is unlike any other. Oh sure, it’s Amish. There are lots of Amish novels out there (all of them good!). There are lots of Amish authors out there. But Kelly’s novels and her skills are just simply unique and awe inspiring.

Lilly’s Wedding Quilt picks up right where Sarah’s Garden left off ( which I will HAVE to get my review of that one posted soon!). Lilly, the community’s school teacher, has pined for Jacob since they were kinner. And, when an unfortunate incident for Jacob occurs and a down pour the day of Sarah’s wedding, Lilly is forced to take shelter in a barn near the wedding. What will she do when the man of her dreams is in that barn, all the while thinking of the girl of HIS dreams….the one getting married to another man. Together, they arrive late to the wedding and then, on impulse, Lilly sticks up for Jacob and in turn he marries her. But, was it of God’s will? Will Jacob be forever in love with another man’s wife? Or will Lilly’s teaching skills prove, above all, that it was meant to be God’s will??

This story was filled with lots of humor filled moments, many of which had me smiling so many times. It’s filled with God’s forgiving love and graceful mercy, it’s filled with family and hope. So many times, I felt as if I was among the simple yet complex people of the Amish country. I could see myself among the sweet school room helping with the kinner. Simply put, I felt right at home among this community.

If you love Amish you will love Kelly Long’s Lilly’s Wedding Quilt. While I suggest that you read Sarah’s Garden first since it was a first in the series, you won’t be lost or confused by the events in this particular novel. Kelly Long’s skills and words keep you up to date on the happenings with these loving Amish folks. I highly recommend this book to Amish lovers, new and old. It gets a 5 star praise, 2 thumbs up and so much more from this Kelly Long fan. I can’t wait for another Patch of Heaven novel to be released….I am wondering who’s story Kelly will tell next.

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*This book was provided for review by the publisher via NetGalley*

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