Book Review: Kit and Kisses by Karen Rose Smith

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About the Book:
Kit Saunders is a public relations expert and never turns down a challenge. She never gets involved with clients. But Greyson Corey is both challenging and too hunky for words. Is he as down-to-earth and honest as he seems? Change is difficult for him but Kit is resilient enough to present the facts in a way that nudges him in the right direction. Yet when he turns in her direction and chemistry seems to take over, she stops short and takes a deep breath.

Kit was fooled by a con man who stole her financial well being…but more importantly her sense of trust. Although it’s easy for others to put trust in her­in business, in the volunteer program she started to bring pets together with sick children­her sense of trust in men has been destroyed. She is so attracted to Grey she can hardly see straight. And his first kiss could lead to passion she has only dreamed of. But her barriers are high and strong and the con man lurks in her background. When Grey has commitments that he won’t explain, Kit’s radar senses trouble. She won’t fall in love with a man with secrets.

Grey has his own walls to climb. His sister has special needs. Although she is now living in a group home, he is responsible for her. He loves Deedee and will protect her until his dying day. A previous relationship ended because the woman he dated couldn’t accept Deedee’s role in his life. How can he trust that Kit will be any different?

Two people search for the meaning of love in a real world. Can a few mind-boggling kisses lead to happily-ever-after? Only if they can trust as well as love.

About the Author:
Karen Rose Smith’s plots are all about emotion. She began writing in her early teens when she listened to music and created stories to accompany the songs. After expressing feelings in poetry, earning a degree in English and French, completing short stories that became too long to find a market, she turned to her love of relationships in romance. This award-winning best-selling author (USA Today List, Borders Bestseller List) has sold 75 books since 1991 and has published with Silhouette, Harlequin, Kensington and Meteor/Kismet. Her awards include two Golden Leaf awards in short contemporary romance, the Golden Quill in traditional romance, two’s awards for Best Special Editions and Romance Review’s Today’s Best series romance award. Jane Bowers of Romance Reviews Today states: “Karen Rose Smith’s storyworlds are complete and realistic and lovely places to visit and revisit. She excels at stories that feature couples brought together by infants and children, and she handles her plots and characters with sublime sensitivity.”
Karen is well-known for writing emotion. An only child, she spent a lot of time in her imagination and with books Nancy Drew, Zane Gray, The Black Stallion and Anne of Green Gables. She dreamed of brothers and sisters and a big family like her mother and father came from–seven children in her mom’s family and ten in her dad’s. On weekends she was often surrounded by aunts, uncles and cousins. This is the root of her plotlines that include small communities and family relationships as part of everyday living. She believes universal emotions unite us all and that is the reason she employs them to propel her plots.
It is no secret that Karen married her college sweetheart and they have been married for over thirty years. She believes in the power of commitment and the hope that goes along with the promise of everlasting love. Along with enjoying time with her husband, Karen enjoys cooking, gardening, shopping, listening to music and keeping her two cats company or vice versa.
She has been busy reformatting her backlist for sale on Kindle. In addition, she writes Harlequin Special Editions. Her new series REUNION BRIDES began in February 2011 with HIS DAUGHTER…THEIR CHILD and will continue in October 2011 with ONCE UPON A GROOM. She will also have a September release that will be a Montana Mavericks–HIS COUNTRY CINDERELLA. (She created Zane in last year’s MM From Doctor…To Daddy. And she loved writing him as a hero now!)Readers can follow her on Facebook (Search–Karen Rose Smith)or on Twitter @karenrosesmith. She welcomes interaction with her readers on either social network and would love to chat about plotlines, titles, emotions, heroes, heroines, music, books, gardening, cooking, or anything else readers deem noteworthy!
My Review:
Having just read KRS’s MOM MEETS DAD, I absolutely couldn’t wait to start on KIT AND KISSES. KRS’s captivating talent is once again portrayed in this AWESOME book and hooks me from the start. By the end of her book, I was saddened because I want them to go on and on! But, they must end, and, thankfully, there is another of her sweet books waiting to be read!

KIT AND KISSES is a sweet, emotion filled story about  letting go,trusting, and moving on. From the start, Kit Saunders and Greyson “Grey” Corey couldn’t stop the passionate sparks and kisses that flew every time they were near each other. Through lots (and I do mean LOTS!) of electrifying kisses, Kit and Grey learn about themselves, and each other, and what it means to truly, truly trust someone enough to find that happy life.

Another humor filled, emotionally touching 5 star story. Each Karen Rose Smith book I read now, is another fantastic winner, reminding me again why I am happy to be a new fan of Karen Rose Smith. Already, I am anxious to try her book, LOVE IN BLOOM (it’s sitting on my Nook, calling my name). So, if you’re new to Karen Rose Smith and her sweet stories, why not start with KIT AND KISSES? You’ll LOVE it!

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