[Book Review] Extraordinary Giving by Daniel W. Evans

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About the Book:
Ask yourself this question; am I really ready for the new and better, because it will change all that I am accustomed to? If you are ready, then you will have to trust God and be ready to move ahead with Him. The best thing about trusting Him is, He will never leave you behind. He will go with you through whatever you have to endure, because He wants the best for you. Cornelius looked beyond the normal of that day and believed God. A Jew having fellowship with a Gentile, much less entering into his house, was definitely not the norm for that day and time. If God said a Jew would come to him and enter his home, then Cornelius had no problem believing it would happen. Cornelius’ praying and giving got him through his challenges to the new and better. Giving is the heart of God. So crawl up into the Father’s lap, listen to His heart, and you will hear His heart say, ‘give!’ With the right motives, givers will produce givers. Spending time with God in prayer will produce the right motives. He will speak to you and if you are at the point spiritually to know His voice, He will share His will, His character, and His love with you. This will create the right motives in your heart. Giving has no limitations. If we take God out of the box, what do you think He could do through us in the form of giving? Our minds limit giving in the same way we limit God. Giving of love, possessions, money, time and mercy, is God in action through man. God is the ultimate giver! Practice extraordinary giving by praying and then listening for God’s directions for your giving!

About the Author:
Daniel has brought God’s presence into the lives of others through his books, teaching and preaching series, and through countless hours of counseling of individuals and families on many different levels. He has great leadership skills in church and in business. His business experience came from a successful family business before he went into full-time ministry. His writing, teaching and preaching will reveal the experience and wisdom through years of business and ministry.

Daniel resides with his wife and younger son near Raleigh, North Carolina.

Daniel W. Evans is an author, pastor, evangelist, community leader, conference and keynote speaker. Daniel has given some extraordinary sermons. He also conveys the power of perseverance through his powerful messages! Since Daniel was saved in 1982, he has spoken over radio with his own program to several states, appeared on TV as a host on a North Carolina station and hosted his own TV program for a few years. He traveled to different countries to hold crusades and pastors’ conferences. He has written books, produced tapes, CD’s and several series of study materials.

His passion is getting revelation of the Word to people.

Daniel is the leading writer of fact with scripture filled books that help others understand what God has revealed to him. Daniel is a natural leader that has written more than 14 books in a prayer and fasting series, along with the popular title, ‘Your Guide to 40 Days of Prayer & Fasting,’ and other books as well.

My Review:
Having read Danny’s book, Your Guide To 40 Days of Prayer and Fasting, I knew I would want to read more of his work. I am not one who usually reads these kinds of books (give me fiction any day!), but this author is WONDERFUL, so I can’t turn away a chance to read his books. Extraordinary Giving is as good….no, better….than Prayer and Fasting. There is just a pull to the reader when you sit down and start reading this book. It’s like God is right there with you as you are reading through it. Powerful.

Have you ever thought to yourself, what’s my life’s path??? Well, I have. And, quite honestly, I didn’t like where it used to be going. But, lately, reading books by wonderful authors like Danny, I can honestly say that through God and these books, I don’t think that any more. I take to heart the things I read and learn. In Extraordinary Giving, Danny shows us the importance of praying and giving wholly of ourselves, be it spiritually, emotionally, or physically, like God gives to us. That is a wonderful feeling, to know that God will always help us to remember to give wholly, if we just take it to Him in prayer and ask Him.

I highly, highly recommend this to EVERYONE. If you question life, if you wonder what the importance is in praying and even in giving, then look no further than this 5 star book. I promise you that you will fall in love with Danny’s work and with God all over again, just from reading his amazing work. I am already anxious for more life changing work from Danny!

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*This book was provided for review by the author and a friend*



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