[Book Review] Ed’s Journal: Dependability, Volume 1 by Jordan Crowl

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About the Book:
What does it mean to be Dependabile? Follow along with Ed when he borrows something important and needs to return it before it is to late. Ed is a creative individual that will draw in his journal of his adventures with his friends. These adventures have become life lesson for him that help build his character. He is not alone in these life lessons. With Corey and Jade there to always keeping him out of trouble and keep his character going in the right direction. Ed’s Journal is an children’s educational book that will help build a child’s Vocabulary and Character. In these times children need more and more help to build a strong Character base. Go on adventures that help children make the right character choices with Ed and his friends, Corey and Jade.

About the Author:
Jordan Crowl is the author and creator of Ed’s Journal, a character building book for children based off the Character Education System. Throughout the years, Jordan let hiscreative juices flow and honed his skills while serving as a Interactive Art Director and freelance Graphic Designer, a husband and father of 3 children, and lives in Woodstock, GA where he leads a very happy life.

My Review:
This is a review that I am writing up for this book, however, it is based on what my kids and I BOTH think of this adorable character trait book. When I received this book to review, I, myself, couldn’t wait to read it (what can I say? I’m a big KID at heart!). I really liked what I read and saw in this journal-styled little book for kids. I couldn’t wait to see my kids’ reaction and hear what they thought of it. 
After they read it through, I was pleased with their thoughts and reactions! They loved the messages that was woven through the characters and the words. They thought it was neat how the book was written in the journal style and they really paid attention to what Ed was saying and even made comments on the good choices that were made. 
All in all, I really think that if you have any young, impressionable children in your life, you really need to start with this collection of journal-styled, eye catching, character trait books.There are lots lessons to be learned and are a great, entertaining way of kids learning those valuable lessons. It would make a great addition to a home school library, a Sunday School library, or just a great addition to the kids’ everyday collection of books. Five star worthy along with highest of recommendations for kids everywhere!
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*This book was provided for review by the author and a friend*



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