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About the Book:
At thirty-five, Audrey James figures she has missed the boat to schizophrenia where her mother now dwells. But questions are surfacing: What happened to the guy who taped her drywall? Was one of her friends involved?

Having grown up with a mother who often conversed with people who weren’t actually there, Audrey does her best to deny that it could be happening to her. Is she seeing what everyone else is? Are the current men in her life—the drywall taper, her ex-husband and his best friend—who they represent themselves to be?

Audrey ponders all of these notions when she is presented with murder, kidnapping and a situation where any or all of her closest friends and colleagues could be involved. How can you know whom to trust when you can’t trust yourself? When she begins to see that guilt and innocence are not always sharply delineated, she must finally make a conscious decision to trust. That decision allows her to be at peace with the result of both the mystery and her question of her own mental competence.

About the Author:
Before Jeanne C. Davis seriously entertained writing a novel, she wrote for radio and television including staff jobs on DR. QUINN, MEDICINE WOMAN and the modern prequel to the BONANZA series, THE PONDEROSA. Between the numerous drafts of SHEETROCK ANGEL, she wrote, produced and directed the independent feature THE UNIFORM MOTION OF FOLLY. Her early career had little to do with writing – other than in her journal – and everything to do with living. She was a Pan Am purser.

As with most authors, she has stolen a couple of incidents directly from her own life, but SHEETROCK ANGEL is not autobiographical. She did marry actor Ben Murphy, but he is not to be confused with the actor character in the book. Ben and she remain dear friends.

She is currently working on a novel based on her experiences with Pan Am while in preproduction on another independent feature with niece, Morgan Davis, called LIP SERVICE. She is also continuing work on a documentary about her family with editor Charlene Huston. Her great-grandfather brought one of the first carousels to California and merry-go-rounds were a family business until her father retired in the 1980s.

You can visit Jeanne’s website at Bricolage-Arts.com or you can go directly to Sheetrockangel.com

My Review:
What a superb read! I read this book in less than two days and it really held me through out the novel. Davis is a compelling author and created a wonderful story full of great characters and lots of mystery. Her writing style is awesome and she knows what her readers want in a fantastic book!

Audrey James is a character that is real-to-life. It was like reading about a story of a really good friend. That’s what I felt after getting to know this awesome character. There is humor woven between the lines and the mystery is full fledged, as Audrey’s world is turned upside down. After her home was repaired, and a mysterious murder case is opened, circumstances become way out there for Audrey…..she starts seeing things….things others can’t see…..and well, she’s just sure that she’s got a BAD case of Schizophrenia! In enter’s the humor. LOVE that blending that Davis did here with the crazy, the suspense, and the humor.

I could go on and on about the things that make this novel good. But, I won’t. If I did, there would be spoilers for sure! So, I will just complete my review with this: read it. It’s a great novel, filled with LOTS of mystery, LOTS of laugh out loud times, and LOTS of wonderful twists and turns. Just when you think things will end up one way, Davis throws it in the air and it lands in a totally unaware spot.

I can’t give this novel less than a 5 star review. It wouldn’t be fair! So, if you love mystery, and laughs, then please, grab a copy of this novel and sit back for a fantastic time! You’ll become the story and the story will become you as you transform into one of the amazing characters. I am definitely a new fan and hope for more awesome work from this cool author! Well done, Jeanne!

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*This book was provided for review by the author and PumpUpYourBook!*

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